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bon fiber research and development has been built 2000 tons of production, T400 quality level, T700, T800 are debugging.
Investment opportunities in the plates, the yuan securities, says because there are many listed companies involved in graphene products research and development, sales and contribution to the performance but not yet have a certain scale, it is recommended that focus on carbon olefine new materials, China baoan, CSL cable, etc.
Japanese researchers have recently developed a new type of electrode, with a special graphene materials instead of platinum as catalyst, hydrogen fuel required to make the fuel cell car.The electrode electrolysis of water, in service for fuel cell vehicle filling stations, if use it to produce fuel, can greatly reduce the cost.Hydrogen fuel cell car is to use the car loaded with the oxygen in air to chemical reaction to produce electricity to drive the vehicle.
Due to the fuel cell car is only a small!co... amount of discharged water, almost no other pollutants emission, is considered to be the next generation of clean cars.Fuel cell car battery costs china graphite are high, however, one reason is that the battery needs to use "white gold" - platinum as catalyst.The scientific community has been in research and development with other cheap materials as an alternative catalyst.
Tohoku university assistants ITO, led by a team, and try to use the graphene as an alternative catalyst.Graphene is a new material composed of carbon atoms graphite machining in single flake structure, the price is not high.Researchers using graphene sheet first produce three-dimensional structure, and gas phase graphite manufacturers deposition to the three-dimensional structure of plating on the nitrogen and sulfur.The results show that the greater the amount of nitrogen and sulfur on the plating, the more efficient catalytic produce more hydrogen.
The researchers point out that if add nickel in graphene catalyst, the hydrogen production ability can go beyond platinum catalyst, is expected to be the technology market, can make the cost of fuel cells.

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