Essence as in presence is a dominating trait
Bearer wears their halo with eternal grace
Ever present you are, untouchable at times
Undefinable, but it fills my mind
The vision of understated elegance
Put together quietly, but not by chance
The smell of gardenias fill the air
A glint of light twirls from your hair
Beauty, but much more, as that alone is trite
Your presence and posture are just right
Your emotions are on your sleeve and real
You cry openly every time you feel
Yet there is a dignity so strong
Old-fashioned lace and iron-fisted grace
The facts belie an altogether indignant trace
The disdain of the failures of the human race
Unique, as in Fabrege eggs and Monet
You are overly complex, as they say
Lovely and feminine all at the same time
I adore you and remember you as sublime
Gone now to another better place
Gone now to be part of another race
The starvation took the joy and life from your face
Never again will there be of you, even a trace
Joe Michael Solomon

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