Harmonic Entrainment Under Infinite Voltage

I can feel the ground moving. Obama is coming into Washington DC, Hillary in Thailand told me this morning that we're shifting into Aquarius, I can feel it in my body. There is a tremendous readiness in our collective evolution. We are ready for something -- poised, prepared, passionately crying out, knowing.

I read this blog post on Emergence this morning. It's so direct, so to the point. That call is directly received in my body, and reinforces everything my instincts are telling me.

This writer -- has been out there in the world, interviewing everybody who is moving us all forward, assimilating their message, bringing it into focus for us all. Forward movement, evolutionary transition -- now!

For me -- all of this is deeply familiar. I too have experienced all these writers and visionaries. I carry their message, that composite integral vision of unified fire. My body has assimilated it, I have become it...

And I thought I would write a few words about this here, because perhaps it is true -- that I myself need some kind of breakthrough force moving ahead of me -- almost like a blocking back in football. Bang -- there is an opening, we are moving through it...

What I feel is happening for me -- is that my body incarnates a distributed forcefield of relationships. I am linked -- highly linked, across a widely distributed spectrum of connections. This breakthrough -- has been needed for a long time. But maybe now, for who knows how many reasons, it is becoming more feasible, more truly in deep alignment, more truly resonant with this core "assignment" it seems we are here to carry out.

As I feel this -- it seems that the key to maintaining attunement with the divine intent within this release of power -- is that the spectrum of relationships that interconnects all souls -- should not, cannot be broken. We break forward with tremendous energy -- but we remain in relationship, and we remain connected.

This has been the great challenge of my own personal evolution, as I incarnate the "bridge" that my body is. It's co-creative evolution -- we have to get there together, in relationship. The connections between us -- have to support the transition without breaking.

This is my body that is broken for you...

There is a very powerful sacred mystery in all of this -- hard to explain, hard to conceive. But we are bonded to one another in our forward movement -- perhaps that is why I respond as I do to the "Emergence" blog post, and to the "Next Step" post that preceded it...

What is emerging for me -- is that our capacity to maintain relationships under infinite voltage and flow seems to be accelerating. Maybe we have a channel, or a concept, that can hold this process in integrity across a billion relationships.

God, the universe, the evolutionary force -- does not want to release this energy as "mere fireworks" -- fired off into the sky, brilliant, beautiful -- but essentially powerless.

This infinite voltage -- must be released "under entrainment".

There has to be a connecting link between souls that can support this release of power without fragmentation.

We are One -- and we must evolve as One. It seems we may be discovering how to do this.

For me, it seems that this mystery and channel for infinite collective voltage -- involves the concept of "circle" -- and how souls -- individual people -- connect to one another across all levels of diversity through the circle process. We are diverse, we are different, we are individuals, we vary widely in a million ways -- yet we are one.

The process of the mystic circle -- contains and holds this energy. Anyone who will enter the circle, and honor the law of love that balances and holds the circle in integrity, is welcome.

As circles connect people through their sacred centers, circles can be connected to one another everywhere, through their centers.

This is the harmonic entrainment of the evolution revolution -- the shift, the breakthrough. This is the communion of the new civilization.

Love one another, listen and interact with respect, enter the co-creative forcefield of the new resonant democracy -- and the congruent "center that is everywhere" connects everything and everybody.

This is the form of the descending power, this is what we are receiving as we open ourselves through sacred listening to the flow of the mystic river.

This energy, in its circle form -- can maintain connective entrainment across any border and boundary -- between Israel and Palestine -- between any form of "diversity" or difference, anyplace there is creative tension in the world.

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Comment by s ace ixik on January 19, 2009 at 4:31pm
this seems hot! time for the smith?

circle may be drafted from sure-Quelle - see the pond as germinating bonding womb ;-)

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