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" The Heart Of A Woman "

What supernatural beauty lies in the Heart of a Woman..
With eyes that smile so alluring enticing and so truly
beguiling..Each is a beautiful flower with differences so
subtle varied and quite bold..As she sits near the stained
glass window of Her understated Grace..Which allows
both light and darkness to enter into her warmest ether
reaches..of her multi-dimensional and quite multi faceted
fragile and gentle soul

Women Comments

She epitomizes all that is arrayed in the simple dress of
her immense tenderness..So seductive in her awakening
radiance..A stunningly powerful image to contemplate and
behold..To be blessed by her gentle quiet storm of affection..
Is truly an impeccable pleasure soaring beyond..The walls
of all things..With which one might seek to use..So foolishly
inadequate to her compare..For to be the recipient of her
desire..Is only to be matched by the quiet..But equally
seductive intensity..Of her beckoning glances or lingering
stare..Applied so very deftly..With such incredible skill and
understated capacity..To fully illustrate and so illuminate..
Her immeasurable authenticity and capability..To carefully
demonstrate..The true standards of her sensitivity and care..

Women Comments

She so easily is the prize of our life..Far more desirable
than simple treasure..Some men collect and set as mere
trinkets..Choosing them as value symbols..From lands near
and lands afar..For no greater treasure is yet to be found..
When it is you that she selects..To stand proudly with and
beside her..Becoming her firmaments only permanent fixed
recipient..Of all her true affections and thus..Her life's one
single but most..Compelling and impressive companion..As
you are now selected..As her worlds brightest shining star..

Women Comments

Yet it is true she can dress herself..So gently in Her many
garments of mystery..That conceals and reveals so little or
so much..For none other but her..Can walk soar and swim..
As gently as a Swan..in our lives..And yet still somehow
be so remarkable a companion..To taste smell and inspire..
While sparking such a desire to embrace..All that she is in
our hands..With such a simple expression of a sensitive..
Yet sensuous smile or a light..erotic glance or romantic touch..

Women Comments

With Heart so warm and her feelings so wide so deep..So
considerate and yet so far far beyond compare..She will so
carefully invest in her Compassion..While she only will with
draw from her vast reserves of unlimited Mercy..All the Love
she is so willing to give..of herself..While trying her best to
teach each of us..to care..Why we too must really learn how..
She so easily will give her all..For us to also really begin..To
better understand..What it truly means..To be willing to give
so unselfishly..and share..

Women Comments

When she hurts the world we live in hurts..As no one sees
her when she retreats to weep..For in her lonely hour of need..
She fears no one sees her small candles flame of quiet fire..
When she chooses to quietly pray..While everyone else is
all fast asleep..Yet when she soon re-emerges from her pain
as a new butterfly..Soaring to such newer heights of emotion..
Ready once again to inspire..Giving to each of us..With so
much renewed vigor..passionately burning anew..Newer wings
of her refreshed and fully restored..multi faceted Love to desire..

Women Comments

Her highs are so incredibly high..Her lows are so frighteningly
low..Yes it is sometimes so very hard to decipher..and read her
well shielded and coded feelings you see..But oh to be in her
presence..To gather in the warmth of her fragrance and inhale
all of her very essence..So free..Is such a delight..When she
allows this rarely unseen part of her to soon appear..Becoming
so very visible..To such a one she has carefully chosen as thee..

Women Comments

For tis the Heart of a Woman that connects all of Her..To much
still hidden away..In the many never checked rooms of our very
Souls..For she soon awakens..Within each of us a thousand
possibilities..Still lying asleep in our dreams and lives..Still so
unseen by us so bold..New tales and stories waiting..To be so
lived seen shared and told..By those of us blessed to soon be
allowed near enough..To simply see the sun rise and set..Each
and every day in the stained glass window..Of her one of a kind
Heart Mind and gentle..But oh so tender Soul..

Women Comments

For in the Heart of a every Woman..Is a monument that must live..
In each of our own hearts Souls and Minds..We should each day
find a small way..To show her and reveal to her our true affection..
As well as Our sincere appreciation..For what she gives to each
of us every single day..For Her Love is a rare gift..Divine but so
sublime..As she comes and goes..Quietly giving away so very
much of herself..In each one of our Hearts..So gently filled by her
unselfishness..In this day of our own very precious life and time..

"Heart of a Woman" is dedicated to all the Mothers Wives
Sisters and Daughters..Without whom none of our lives
would ever be truly worth living or complete..For no Gift
can compare with the Gift of Life..Which only they can
give..With a willing heart so tender and truly so Sweet..

Women Comments
Excerpted from "The African Journals" Vol I
"The Things I Would Say To You If I Could"
Authored By Daton O. Fullard Copyrighted
2008 © All Rights Reserved

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Comment by bridget orman on February 27, 2009 at 11:30am
thanks for sharing this post with us dear brother the words were beautiful i think sometimes we get caught up in the every day norm and forget the more gentle side of our natures and the beauty of which lies within us all. Thank you once again it has brightened my day love and hugs brother
Comment by Stephanie on February 17, 2009 at 7:15pm
This poem takes one far far away....to an ideal setting where women, yes, are worshipped (as Susan said).
Relaxing, soothing, beautiful. You are a great writer, Daton!!
With friendship
Comment by susan chandel on February 17, 2009 at 5:09pm
Okay, now I'm feeling worshipped. Well written and sweet.

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