This video BLOG was shot mostly in NYC (Astoria, Queens). A place on earth where members from all races, colors & creeds have managed to live together in beautiful peace. I lived there for 8 years and while there learned how UNIMPORTANT it is to agree with those whose beliefs are different. The need to agree is selfish and narrow minded. Accepting those with opposing beliefs is the sign that what we believe is healthy.

I started this song, "ON OUR WAY BACK HOME" in 2001 shortly before 9/11, living in Astoria at the time. We watched the fire and smoke from the 2nd tower to go down from the roof of our building. My life changed that day and I found a seed of mistrust growing in me for anyone that looked to the Koran as a source of faith and wisdom. I'm not proud of that. I'm just being honest. I had written the 1st 2 verses of the song but lost interest in finishing a song about peace love and harmony among the races. Much of the overt feelings of mistrust passed over the next few years but the song never popped back up into my mind to finish.

On the night Obama won the presidential nomination I was moved to tears like many. Especially seeing how far we have come to be able to put an Afro-American in the Oval office. A couple of days later through a very random act I found a folder with the 1st 2 verses of the song. My heart was in an inspirational place so I finished the song but I was still aware of some unsettled business in my heart.

We had the idea to go into Astoria with 2 signs hanging on cameras that said; "SMILE IF YOU LOVE PEACE" (One written in English and one in Arabic).

As the day progressed I realized that some of the most enthusiastic faces for peace were from those who do look to the Koran for wisdom and faith and the experience cleaned a bad seed out of my heart. One of my personal "stars" in the piece is an Arab butcher who read the sing in Arabic but mouthed the words in English. He comes up at the 3rd verse.

So, I'm grateful to be free from mistrust of an entire culture because of a few that have hijacked the religion for hateful purposes.

I love love and pray this small effort will touch hearts. Please view and pass it around.




I know I can't see how you see
I know you can't see how I see
We really don't need to agree at all
We're both in separate grocery lines
You're in your world, I'm in mine
Living our own dreams, great or small

We're on our way back home

Some to cities, some to fields
Some outspoken, some concealed
Some religion, some no god to call
Some to privilege, some to lack
Some the future, some the past
Always moving toward a common goal

We're on our way back home

To be understood means understand
We're all the same. All just man
Living, working, trying not to fall
So few of us are truly mad
And most of us, if had the chance
Would choose a kinder life, after all

We're on our way back home

Crowded streets. Country roads
Shouldering our private loads
Watching hopes and dreams, rise and fall

We need to take less than we give
Be forgiven and forgive
Celebrate our differences
And love and live and just let live

We're on our way back home

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Comment by AnjaRa on January 19, 2009 at 1:18am
Thank you, SMILE, for sharing the song and your history with me. The video have got its place on my page. You are a difference! Thank you*smiling big* :):):) ...... and hi, thanks for your friendrequest-I sure will!!!
Love&Peace - AnjaRa:)
Comment by environment.diva on January 15, 2009 at 11:44am
it is very nice, thank you for sharing , i sure am gonna let my friends know about it.good of you to do this work. the resent election of the US, has proved that they are aiming for a change, a change for good. the people of America proved that. and i am so pleased about it
Comment by Renu Verma on January 12, 2009 at 5:14pm
Dear Peaceful friend.....

your peaceful endeavour is certainly going to move anyone's heart , once they have a view of it........ the lyrics, the passion, the serving attitude, the love for humanity, the singing, the clippings, all is a masterpiece
Comment by Eau Douce on January 12, 2009 at 9:50am
aloha Smile
Thank you so much for this Art Piece
it is a magnificent musical weaving!
I had heard it before on iPeace and I lovedit so much
Now it is in my page Welcome to Galactic Culture of peace Cafe
Time is Art John lennon is proud of you i might say.

. The Galactic GrandMothers Council is giving you an
I activate service in order to beautify with Elegance
I am guided by Free Will to influence with Wisdom

Meet my young friend Red Resonant Earth
of 3 years old THE NAVIGATOR
mending the gap between generations and cultures

On the 14 of January is the Blue Ryhtmic Monkey Day

The day to organize and balance with equity
in order to play Magic with Illusion.
Guided by Magic Power Double

Do you have any Children friends around you
to whom
sharing a new way of Greeting?

Children are the Teachers and are always happy to learn new ways.
WHo wants to give it a try?
Then they will teach to the adults....
Creating New Reality with Cooperation.

Also you can receive your Galactic PeacePart on my blog
if you have been playing the weaving of Synchronicity with me

One day we will remember that We are One
In Lak'ech I Am Another YOurSelf
Madame O'Douce
Galactic GrandMother Council
Comment by patty on January 10, 2009 at 4:54am
I LOVED IT! Its like a hymn calling for PEACE. And the analogy of "we are on our way back home" touched my heart, since my father passed away just 3 weeks ago. Honestly, regardless what our believes are, aren't we, the human race, just passing souls walking upon this Earth on our "WAY BACK HOME, the stars, the universe, heaven? what ever your idea is, our time upon it is so short, our existence may seem so insignificant, why not make the best of it? Let our minds and passions point the way forward towards meaningful achievements, just like you are right now. You are an inspiration and I respect you .
Comment by Debra Silver on January 8, 2009 at 4:19am
I loved your song and all that it expressed....did you know that in Tel Aviv you could have found the same fabulous mix of faces, religions and languages as in NY?
Celebrate our differences
And love and live and just let live
Amen to that!
Comment by Raquel on January 6, 2009 at 9:39pm
Peace is contagious. Thanks for spreading it around. I'm glad your song is on this site. It's a beautiful message to get out there, and reading the lyrics here just blow me away. This song will be around for many years to come...
Comment by Francesca on January 6, 2009 at 2:11am
it´s so great!
Comment by SMILE if you love PEACE on January 6, 2009 at 1:54am
II love all of you wonderful people. My faith and hope level is way up because of this beautiful site that attracts such warm and wonderful hearts. It's good for the soul to be part of this. Much Love, SMILE
Comment by SMILE if you love PEACE on January 6, 2009 at 12:47am
Thank you Elizabeth. I do think we can do it, one human heart at a time. I'm pleased that young children are responding to my song and video. They are our future and having them see multi-cultural faces smiling with love and warmth in their eyes will plant a seed that can grow into something beautiful for all of us. My heart longs for peace and kindness. Thank you for being a fellow peace makers - SMILE

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