This is an attempt to connect dots; like a graphic puzzle, drawing a line from one number to the next an image appears.
ìt's about how something that happened on the other side of the world touched me and motivated me to write about something outside myself.
Even though apparently the goal was not reached in'89 a seed was planted - if it die...
This blog is also about how a plan (Ï want to be a musician") would open up the way to a destiny I could not foresee - it's about the long and winding road that would lead me here, to you.

It's about the Butterfly Effect -


(Are there Things More Important Than Music?)

1989 was a year to remember: the Berlin Wall came down, in China young people tried to move things around, for a better China and thus, for a better world.
In 1989 I also met the members of a local heavymetalband, Sons Of The Rain. Having heard me play on local radio they approached me and asked me to write material for them. We were worlds apart, but sometimes extremes do meet, we got together and played, improvising, so I could get the feel of their music. I was pleasently amazed at the wonderful mix of Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, U2 and other stuff they had turned into a genuine sound of their own; they played their own songs, the names are just an indication of wat it sounded like.
So I went home, excited but not really knowing what to write. We had conferred about this and agreed on the theme: Children & War. Just like the students in China they were young and idealistic. Then news began to seep through about Tienanmansquare, finally culminating in what we all remember: the 4th of June, the man in front of the tank...
It didn’t hit me at once, only by the end of ’89, when I saw a BBC documentary “The Gate Of Heavenly Peace” made by BBC Hongkong. My VCR in standbymode I recorded it – and saw history being made –
I watched it again and again, my daughters being the same age as these wonderful students and workers, I was totally impressed – it takes young people to turn things around, that much became clear to me.
Three things stuck by me after the countless times I watched this:
Cui Jian, performing on the square, singing his song “Nothing To My Name”. Subtitles helped to get the jist of his lyrics.
Chai Ling, she was 23 years old, in a long interview, concluding with the words:”Never forget what these children have done for you.”
Mrs. Ding Zilin, author and professor of Beijing University, speaking of the loss of her son Tien.
I couldn’t resist Cui’s music, based on his lyrics I wrote “Charcoal In The Snow”, and 11 songs followed, forming the concept titled “We Got Angels.”
Mrs. Ding Zilin’s story left a lasting impression, understanding that repercussions would certainly follow we decided to keep a lid on publishing for the time being, until we might receive notice that the most prominent students and their professors would be out of the woods ....

to be continued

My feelings about publishing here are hard to describe...ambivalence...when we write we open up, opening up we become vulnerable. I'm quite used to being attacked; mostly opposition plainly reveals the Truth about the opposition itself.
This is the first decision in years that took me longer than 10 seconds to take.
Being aware of the scrutiny our work may undergo I'll take the risk.
If it's not appreciated I will simply take it somewhere else. It's up to you, reader, if it continues here or anywhere else. Once commenced the Work can not be stopped.
Whatever you may decide, know that I love you - this is all I have -

I have Nothing.

Harry V

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Comment by harry versluijs on November 6, 2009 at 1:00am
dear Kumud,
I don.t claim to have any authority in this subject, but the reactions of the few pple who were there tell me it was useful to write about this. I guess it doesn't really matter if it was very good, as long as some one wants to mention it and say: "I won't forget" that's a comfort...and that is so important!
Comment by Kumud on November 5, 2009 at 7:32pm
And its very much appreciated Harry ........... :)

Not every one can open up ....... only the clear hearted. A blemish free heart is the strongest!

This post by you is very well written (though my mind & understanding is limited and am no aouthority to comment) but certainly can appreciate .............

Best wishes ................
Comment by harry versluijs on November 3, 2009 at 3:02pm
These people have stories about friendships broken over this issue, it's heartrending.
But the movement of the 4th of june, resulting in the Mothers of Tienamansquare , has been founded by mrs. Ding Zilin. She is one of the greatest women of our time.
Even though I can't read their conversations I'm so proud to have them on my profile in facebook.
This is what I meant when, in my iPeaceprofile, I spoke of a connection as thin as a cobweb.
I have been living with this ever since 89, even here I am alone with this, I have to mention the man in front of the tank, then people go: "Aahh"...
01 heavenly peace final mix.mp3Here once more the soundfile
Comment by harry versluijs on November 3, 2009 at 2:45pm
Dear Lilac,
thank you for your feedback.
There will be several sequels, 3 or 4 I think.
After the first time I published it on facebook I met Li Cheong, composer of classical music, refusing to leave china, Hailan Chu in New York, Lan Chee Lam in Hong Kong, Wong Hoi Yan Wendy, and last but not least Jim Ku in Taiwan, who became a real personal friend. They all have in common that where they live, nobody wants to talk about 4689. There is a wall of Silence
Through Li Cheong I became a fan of the Mothers of Tienanmansquare, also on facebook.
I wish I could read chinese...
Love&Light to you dear Lilac!
Comment by harry versluijs on November 3, 2009 at 4:49am
Something went wrong when I tried to publish this. I made 3 attempts, only the third time (this took almost 2 hours) was this finally published. Sorry for the inconvenience, I tried everything, even called my providers customerservice to make sure connections worked. Please remove other blogs called "Heavenly Peace (1)"
but leave this one!
Another thing I did was to look into the time it took for James Two Eagles'blog to be posted. My other blogs appeared almost immediatly...

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