Hecate’s visit 
October 6, 2015 
near midnight 

I am asked to sit and to see but not to see in the mundane world. It is hard to write with eyes closed. I am sensing from every direction. There is so much noise, not outside noise, but noise from energy. I can feel waves high and low… some of this energy is heavy and hurts. There is no noticeable scent, but the air is changing. I can smell the humidity… I can nearly taste its dampness. 

It is through the dampness that I find myself. My eyes are not me, but I am seeing someone, but they are unable to see me. It is like looking through a two way mirror. This person I am seeing is male. His jacket is a midnight blue or dark blue shade. His hair is dark, kind of spiky or messy. I cannot tell if it is long as his jacket has a high collar or hood that is bunched up. It is hard to describe. I am seeing him from the left side and he is pounding on this great door. A door he wants to go through but it does not budge from all the pounding and knocking. He appears frustrated. I am getting words like, ‘entitlement, and mine’, with emotions that are heavy and draining. This great door des not open and no one comes. He is left just standing there. He looks dumbfounded. 

That is when my vision begins to change and my body feels heavy…the kind of feeling that often is felt when in the presence of a being of spirit. My arthritic hand complains, yet this spirit urges me to take down what I see and what words she has to share. I say ‘she,’ because here energy is motherly, but not the kind of mother that gushes over everything. No, this motherly energy is comforting, yet strong and deliberate. 

I am seeing that I am in a clearing of trees. They circle me and this woman with long gray/white hair is there with a staff, wearing a long black robe or cloak. Her hair is fanned on the outside of her cloak. She comes forward with a crow on her shoulder. My writing now is getting harder to make out as I try to see from my trance-like-state. She is near. I am swaying from her nearness. 

“Come my child and sit with me by the fire,” she said. Behind her, there were these large rocks and in between was her fire pit. “Come sit and warm yourself,” she says. So I sit and she looks at me with a face of a wizened old woman who is beyond any real age. The lines in her face have so many stories. She chuckles, the kind of chuckle that is more like a cackle. She just looks at me. Then she asks me to hold her hand. I am instantly transported into the aether. It is so dark here. I love being here. I embrace this darkness that slowly begins to brighten as if lit by tiny stars. 

“Child,” she says, “You are not alone even though you cannot see me. You know I am near. I have taken you to see so much and the Volva in you is expanding, becoming more developed and more in you. It is pleasing child that after all these years you are becoming the seer like your ancestors. You never pushed to reach this achievement. You never asked for it, or expected it. You never felt entitled or that it should just be given to you. You just kept doing your ceremonial work, studying, learning, contemplating and trusting in the nature of the Universe and in yourself. You learned to trust many other spiritual beings that have stood beside you since infancy. And you have more yet to meet as your growth is not over. 

What I have noticed in many people from my observations when I am with you is how so many still feel accomplishments are to be given without any effort for them. I see so much technological advancement and I see people becoming more attached to these little things and all the gossip, competition among fellow brothers and sisters of the Earth when openness, respect, and kindness ought to be practiced more. 

Every child, man or woman have differences. No one is supposed to be just like each other. But just because there are differences, doesn’t mean one cannot cooperate and choose a happier solution instead of looking to create more misery. Sure child, there are some people who seem to thrive on other people’s upset, and folks like this are really looking for attention, there is a lack within themselves that they refuse to see but try to accuse others for the same issues. Mental and emotional games that encourage the little self to take center stage really causes an imbalance with their energy and affects the energy of others around them. You have felt this before, haven’t you? I told her, “Yes, I have many of times. And that I am very sensitive to others’ energy and can feel this tight vice grip clench of a hold on my energy field. It is then I cast a circle that was taught years ago by a high priestess that I made my own.” You have learned well child and have much to learn as the people whom you are yet to meet will try to complicate matters or try to get you to second guess yourself. When this happens child, just focus inward and see the circle of white fire that surrounds you at all times and let your heart lead you. 

When you lead your path from the purity of your heart, your journey will be colourful, filled with diverse events that will aid to furthering the becoming of who you were meant to be. In time, it is true, every person will fulfill their earthly purpose, and they will achieve all that was meant for them, but not because of any kind of feeling of entitlement. It is important child that you remember not to rush the lessons I and other beings of light provide you with. There is no set time to when they are to be done. It is understood that you must accommodate the other facets of your life with your spiritual quests. 

As I take my leave and bring you back to joining the rest of your Self, know when I am near, for when I am near it is for a really good reason. Growth and development happens when the actions are pure-hearted and there is no hostility in the mind. You know this. I see this too. I thank you child for our talk even though I did all the talking. This is so much different than the rambling that I do beside your ear. {{CACKLING}} “ 

My hand is aching and my head feels so heavy. There is a pain in my back and I see I am lying near the rocks by the fire pit and looking up at the stars. The old woman is there smiling down upon me, then turned around and started walking away as she was following a sound only she could hear. I asked her, her name and she replied, “You know me my child. I see the scar from my finger touching your face is still there. I AM Hecate and I will always see you through any kind of darkness and you will always discover the light that shines from that magical heart of yours. Sleep well child…and this is what it is…So mote it be. 

My hand writing is a terrible scribble that I must decipher as my hand continues to flow and move trying to wind down from Hecate’s nearness. She may be gone, but I feel her yet. In my vision, as I finish, I see fire flies in a forest glade. I want to stay here but then it stops and I feel light, empty and free. Thank you. 

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