Hi every one i have bben teaching,praying,meditating and still fell need to do more. Many people needs the help and due to many circumtances some cant afford the things he was willing.Like Retreat center. I am not a famous and well known lama so i can have a many dharma friends today what i have gain frens followers are from this lovely Buddhist Community site. I am from remote village of nepal far from city and many facilities but peaceful enviroment. I would like to make a Meditation and Retreat Center at small hill side next to my monastery and want to help peoples who need helps. I would like to know if anyone want to help me on this projec and gain the merit. As i believe "Servise to Humanity,Salvation through Service" . Intrested one can mail me for more information

Attach picture is the place where the retreat center will be made

"May all sentient Being Attain Enlightenment"


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