when you or I write something here, David, the "Father of iPeace", is only ONE man. The opportunity he has given us to meet, discuss, compare, divide, agree, disagree, get together, fall apart, enjoy, smile, cry, worry, right here, meaning all over the globe is a huge gift, perhaps for many, the best thing that has happened to them in years, or ever.
We have to remember, he is only one person, and at times it can be a huge job taking care of all (with many people at his side, behind stage, often they too silently doing their part, dedicating their time and talent to making things work here - and we should thank them as well).
There has to be a true respect for David's dedication, time, patience, talent for making it all possible.
For just a moment, let's put ourselves in his shoes. Let's make it easier by respecting the guidelines here, and may I suggest, if people see things that shouldn't be done, write to that person reminding them of the rules. It will be a more peaceful place for all of us, David included.

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Comment by Veronica Le on January 7, 2009 at 7:51pm
Thank you, Stephanie!

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