to David Califa & All Members of iPEACE,

have waited a while before presenting myself; wanted to take in the atmosphere on iPeace. It was a surprise, to land on these pages right in the middle of a fiery discussion on President Obama's Nobel Award.
Pro's and contra's battled passionately, it was something to observe! That I did, and then I let it sink in.
Being all FOR iPeace it took a bit of reasoning with myself, but then a Very Good Reason presented itself: Lilac White invited me to her group 'Hope For Children'. Good move Lilac! Who can resist that?
Thus I have a reason to be here, to stay and no matter how much any one might aggrivate me to love you one & all!

I made a page in my site HAPPYDOODLENOISE.COM called 'Hope For Children/iPeace' and put one song there, right overhead this beautiful funny picture and my membership badge. Reactions have made it clear that for visitors to this site this particular page stands out ! Isn't that GREAT ?

That's the solution to feelings of ambivalence: HOPE FOR CHILDREN ! To create Hope For Children one goes to iPEACE, that makes sense.

That's what I'll do from now on: thinking of iPeace I'll think of Hope For Children, and you are the ones, we are the ones, who believe it can be done. For that reason I love you. Always.

I thought you should know that.

David, God bless you for this creation, this wonderful thing I now find myself part of.
It's an honour to be here & to know you!

Peace be with you, Love&Light,

Harry V

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Comment by harry versluijs on October 23, 2009 at 12:41am
Oh but I love you too! and it's true you know, no matter how aloof some may seem to be during a real discussion the very words "Hope For Children" touch all human hearts, it's irresistable! It's just that I have my own thoughts about how to advertise in Holland, as can be seen on my site HAPPYDOODLENOISE" (will use that word every so often) , that page stands out. And YES LILAC, YOU HAVE A HAND IN THAT!
...HOPE FOR CHILDREN/iPEACE .. now there's something to go for! But I'll do things my own (stubborn but adequatly noisy) way. I read most of the stuff that's published daily, comments to various discussions etc. and rather then finding it necessary to give my 2 cts I take things to heart and translate them into something where I can express My Self, which is All of Us put Together, then I can be happy too! Thank you Lilac!
Comment by David Califa on October 22, 2009 at 1:36pm

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