How do you think about FIFA 16's gameplay system

Defenders vs. attackers pace scale seems inaccurate. e.g. 50 pace Terry hunting down 93 pace Messi or beating him to the ball (both sprinting without the ball)

Keepers pace when sweeping seems disproportionately fast compared to attackers going after the ball

Sometimes when you go to shoot, the player gets crossed up on himself and misses the ball completely, letting it roll right to the keeper/defender.

The infamous sliding shot...where to begin. #1 Players attempt this way too often. You hardly ever see it in real life but my players attempt this multiple times per match --frequency needs to be tuned down. #2 Often times the players will slide with Fifa 16 coins pc and send the shot soaring a mile off target. #3 these shots generate an unrealistic amount of you're either blasting it top shelf or its going to row 32C.

Finishing inconsistent even with top strikers...with auto shooting no matter where you're aiming or how open the net is, a lot of times it goes straight towards the center of the net at the keeper/off the post/off target/anywhere besides where it makes sense.

Passers often target players standing offside, even when there is an onside option standing nearby

Backheel - when trying to pass the ball around quickly with one touch, randomly your player will backheel touch the ball with nowhere near enough power, basically giving the ball straight to the opposition

Through balls - passers need to be programmed to put the ball into space, not just on a line to where your target is heading.

Through balls - way too much pace on these very often (no matter how long you hold the button down) and a seeming lack of friction with the pitch leads to balls rolling for an unrealistic amount of time -- often right to the keeper. Players should be able to better judge the weight they put on through balls and the pitch should deaden the pace on balls as they are rolling up field.
Player receiving the pass does not run toward the incoming ball to receive it. They often times stay nailed to the group, leaving easy interceptions for defenders

Long aerial passes can be delivered with pinpoint accuracy while long ground pa

Sometimes when using fake shot while receiving a pass (fake shot turn) the player will spaz out and let the ball just roll past them.

Generally slow/heavy/poor first touch - players should be able to stop the ball with ease and keep it closer to their feet when receiving passes.
Generally poor agility when dribbling...most players feel very heavy and clumsy on the ball.

Players take an inordinate amount of touches to bring chipped/lobbed through balls down, slowing them almost to walking pace. Even attackers with elite ball control and dribbling stats. Controlling these should be smoother and should not compromise your advantage over a defender nearly as much as it does.

Attacking inside the box -- especially off corners -- player agility and passing is terrible. Players move around the box like they are moving through quick sand and get Fifa 16 news fast, leading to easy interceptions by the defense. Is this one just me?

AI defenders fail to track dangerous runs while I am man marking the person with the ball

AI defenders fail to recognize danger in the box and man mark a non-threat instead. Attackers waltz into the box for open opportunities.

Well-timed tackles often just knock the ball right back to the other team -- what happened to possession tackling?

Poor positioning to defend against chipped/lobbed through balls -- defenders ball watch and even sometimes surge forward in the completely wrong direction, leaving the attacker through on goal

Slow/non-reactions to long shots and long free kicks

Poor positioning -- keepers come way off their lines for no reason and can't track long balls coming in

Poor handling -- keepers fumble around with the ball instead of catching it or trapping it, often leading to rebound shots/goals.
Failure to cover near-post shots

Keepers spaz out on ground balls rolling towards them -- they sometimes let the ball keep rolling right past them into the net.

When bringing keepers off their line to sweet a loose ball or challenge an attacker -- keepers run to and dive at the current position of the ball, not where it will be, leading to completely missing when diving for the ball, and making it too easy for the attacker to round the keeper for an open goal.
Sometimes when the goalie comes out to clear the ball, he will control it with his feet and start dribbling.

Non-awareness/intelligence of touch lines - player chases balls going out of touch when it touched the opposition last

Players in possession of the ball running down the endline or on the sidelines don't make any effort to keep the ball in touch - should be more urgency and extra animations to keep the ball in.

Loose balls - in the air or on the ground - general lack of awareness. Nearby players don't react to balls rolling right by them or airballs about to land right next to them

Mehmet Yildiraz as the referee of every online match in FUT

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