How Does A Toe Balance An Elephant?

How Does A Toe Balance An Elephant?

A worth of application for...
The hearing imbalanced
The bunyun inflicted soles
Crookedness of stature
Weak Constitutions
The i_doll ruler presenting a country
Or for the 'disaster victims' not wanting to become a good or product, indebted to the Hand that safed them.
For the goods boys and goods girls that go buy buy.
For those rising from the wake of their dead sleep.

It is for the inert Man in us all, rising from his nest of the Hue of Man unconscious.


id said sadly...
Q, how does the weight of my world balance?

How does a toe balance an elephant?
It learned not to lean.

Enabling inables one's ability to heal itself.
In favoring the right foot over the left,
one weakens the soul of the left.

In favoring the right, one disallows the left
to heal its cells itself.

In allowing that part of your body,
tis your country to stand in its own,
it learns not to lean.
It learns not to lean in the learning to heal itself.

How else will the One Strengthen?
How else will the One Stand?
Hear the Can Able and Eveness in this.

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