Do you understand that whenever we surrender our peace to any situation, it can only be as the result of resistance?  The only way that this can occur is: within us, a false sense of self arises to meet with (confront) whatever is perceived as the condition (adversary), and in this instant, this incoming moment, the only way we can perceive it as a negative state is if we place this sense of self in opposition to it, if we resist it.


     We remain unaware that we can never move past any event, condition or circumstance by attempting to control it.  It is impossible for the self that rises to meet any event to transcend that event, impossible.  This is because the event, that this false sense of self that rises in us to meet, is in fact part-and-parcel with that self which rises to meet it.  They are one-and-the-same.  It is only the split-mind that allows them to appear as separate.


     What you are encountering in this moment (in every moment) is in fact your false sense of “self”, and nothing more (as well, nothing less).  Therefore no matter how powerfully you resist or do battle with this moment, this condition, it will always respond to your actions with the exact measure as you apply to it.  Because it IS you, and nothing but you in that moment – whatever you are experiencing in ANY moment is what you are in that moment.  It is reflecting the limitation of your understanding of the moment into your experience of it.


     Do you also understand that the “you”, that false sense of self that rises to meet or confront any negative state CANNOT transcend that state?  It is impossible for the self that is in opposition to anything to go beyond that which it is in opposition to.  Because in that moment, it IS the state that it sees itself in opposition to, and therefore it CANNOT go beyond itself.  As well, we cannot get beyond that state by creating the illusion of destroying or dodging it.  In this case we are only temporarily removing it from the world of form in our experience.  The Spiritual prototype remains perfectly intact and in place un-altered.  It is a split-mind that sees the condition as separate and apart from itself and allows such perceptions of conflict to exist.


     When we see the condition as ourself (no matter what label the world of form might apply to it), introducing ourself to ourself, we are granting our false nature the opportunity to glimpse a truer nature through the perceived event or condition.  When we agree that the event or condition is in fact part-and-parcel with that which perceives it, not separate from it, then as well we see that the only way we can perceive this as separate is if we have already rejected that which we believe ourselves to be in conflict with in order to have projected it into our experience of the world in the first place.


     So the idea here is to welcome whatever condition or event the incoming moment brings rather than to resist it as we usually do.  That means to embrace them into our selves, and once again recognize our oneness with them.  We do this when we quit denying that our nature contains such states and thus quit projecting them into the world of form.  We allow what we perceive as “cause and effect” to once again reunite into the oneness that they truly are.  As we can never really separate one from the other.  By welcoming whatever the incoming moment brings, is not to say we don’t step out of the way of a speeding car, nor that we should compromise ourselves in any way for any reason.  It simply means that we do NOT take our presence from anything in the incoming moment, but rather, everything in the incoming moment takes its presence from us.


     Our false nature is to see only one side of any situation even if we suggest we are seeing more.  We either see that which we want, or we see that which we do not want, but we fail to see that they only occur together, as one, never as separate circumstances or events.  So we project the aspect that we deny, the part that we insist is not of us, into what we experience as a separate world.  In their attempts to reunite with us, we only see our projections as outside of our “self”, and adopt a defensive posture toward them.  They will persist in attempting to reunite the split-mind until they are successful, that is until we cease to resist the truth of our oneness with them.  When we see our brother as our self.


     We suffer the confusion that always accompanies any attempt to justify the false sense of “self” that we invent to meet with any seeming conflict.  In our confusion we all too often rush to judgment as to the source of our confusion.  While at the same time we pretend to be greater than the event we find ourselves in conflict with and place our selves above it through our judgments.  When we separate from any event we can no longer see how to transcend it.  By setting “self” apart from any event we blind ourselves from ever actually seeing the event.  We will only see our projections that symbolize the event to us.  We see only our own machinations in the form of a mixture of our fears and expectations about the seeming event.


     When we welcome back into ourselves, the thing or event that we believe we are in conflict with, we reunite as one, that which a split-mind has set apart, and put at odds with itself.  Once we release the need to resist that which we had previously estranged, we are no longer the same “self” that rose to meet, and ultimately “resist”, the incoming moment that we originally perceived as a negative state.  We are now part-and-parcel of that self-same moment.  There is no longer some event happening to us, we see that we are not someone participating in some random action, nor are we simply observing some moment that has been spontaneously generated by nature.  We are, in fact, both the moment itself and that which is the experiences of it – complete and whole.


     Having reunited with our perceived impedance we have now opened our imagined “selves” to a more complete and honest relationship with what we truly are, and have always been.  When we enter into this new relationship with the Authentic, we are able to move easily past that seeming moment of what once was conflict.  This is because we are no longer the same “self” that originally met the event and saw it as a separate and apart from us.  By owning the state (accepting it is one with us), we enter into a deeper nature that extends beyond what seemed to oppose us.  This can never be achieved through any resistance or denial.  It is only through acceptance of the moment that we can transcend it.  The moment itself is always complete; it never arrives without containing within it all that is necessary to properly experience it.  This is because we brought everything into the moment that we experience as the moment in the form of our current understanding of the moment.


    It is we that renew the instant; it is not the instant that renews us. 


Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,


-- Victor


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