How to Choose Ionlyou 100% Silk Pajamas?

How relaxing it would be to sleep in the privacy of ones home wearing comfortable silk pajamas. Every person has at least one kind of favorite sleepwear that he/she uses almost everyday because it provides that person the freedom to rest as well as to move around just before sleeping. 
1. Think about the environment. It is easy to just choose any drab clothing as sleepwear when you're still single. Take an old and torn t-shirt and it gets a person sleeping for the night. However, a person with a sleeping partner should be more careful with his choice of sleepwear. For example, friends who sleep over in their houses usually favor pajamas as sleepwear because it can still be used comfortably for some of their other activities like watching television or midnight snacks. An employee who goes on an out of town trip and who is bound to share sleeping quarters either with his co-employees or his superior will also be more comfortable wearing a pair of pajamas.
2. Consider the sleeping conditions. Sleepwear should be comfortable, keep the wearer in a cool and relaxed mood and provide warmth if necessary.
3. Choose your texture, color and style. There is sleepwear made of cotton while there are those made of silk or satin. The cloth with which the sleepwear is made really depends on the taste or preferences of the wearer as well as the weather condition. often the satin is polyester, which is not a breathable fabric, just something to keep in mind.
A person who lives in a country known to have winter all year round would be more comfortable wearing sleepwear that can keep him warm. However, a person who lives in the tropics will be better off in sleepwear that can keep him cool like cotton.
4. Women however have managed to transform sleepwear from a mere sleeping wear to a fashion statement. Ionlyou silk sleepwear nowadays is no longer just clothing for sleeping but also something that reflects the mood of a woman or her fashion preferences. Remember, you want to feel comfortable but still be able to get sleep!

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