How To Effectively Mislead and Confuse Others

1. See anyone or anything as less than or more than you.

2. See anyone, including yourself, as anything other than completely innocent.

Both power and control are mythical/fictitious ideas. These concepts can only exist in a mind convinced that inequality is truth. If inequality is untrue, then how can power or control be possible as tools?

But, what if you still see yourself in a position of responsibility for others?
1. You are confused.
2. You're responsible for you. The best way to help others is to help you.
3. Each person is responsible for themselves.

How then do you relate to others? With full appreciation.

For seeming leadership then to be effective, see those you mean to lead as your equals. Be clear on this point.

hint - your own identity is whole, perfect and innocent in reality.

As you emerge then into any conversant moment, your alignment with reality will be recognizable by you. Seeming others may or may not recognize your sense of equality and unity. This, however, should not be construed as evidence that you are wrong for believing this. What you believe becomes true for you. Those that resonate on this frequency of awareness will express awareness of alignment; those that do not are experiencing their version of perfection - what they need for them - allow this without your judgment. Simply stay focused on your certainty that you are surrounded by your equals - and that the universe is always and in all ways conspiring in both your favor and theirs.

Many that self-label as teachers, healers, psychics, intuitives, etc or those that seek titles such as President, Prime Minister, CEO, Minister, Rabbi, etc.....will successfully block themselves from knowledge by seeing those with whom they are encountering as less than or more than themselves. Yes, if you see people as your flock, then you have a propensity for seeing superiors as well. Both types of seeing are illusions. If you are doing this, don't beat yourself up, as that will further perpetuate your illusory state-of-mind. Innocence is reality but this attribute is equally shared by each of your brothers and sisters.



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