Wood floor due to a fire, long service life, safety and environmental protection and other features are as modern people seeking an alternative high quality of life, but in recent years the number of wood flooring appear in a variety of home decoration is more and more, so, when we happily buy wood floor from the market, how to install it correctly it? synthetic deck covering

Do not worry, you announced today small to install on wood floor should pay attention to the details: Installing wood flooring is a lot of people are concerned, in fact, this method of installation is not difficult, as long as the attention to the selection of durable installation the use of profiles, such as self-tapping screws for installation of flooring is helpful. serrated composite decking

If the indoor humidity increase, you can choose to use stainless steel screws screw must pay attention to proper use of the borehole diameter length can not be greater than 3/4 of the nail, then gently knocked into force the screws about two centimeters in force comes in, pay attention to wood floor installation must be uniform, and the heads of the four sides should pay attention to proper retention gap. Wood floor [url=http://pvcboardprice.com/pvc-board/395.html] pvc sheet suppliers France[/url]

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