Today, in an hour's time I made three people smile, and actually two of them laughed, and one of those two, blushed
(meaning their face got all red!).
I love to make people smile, and sometimes I work at it to help others, but I think I probably do it because I myself get so much pleasure out of it.
I'll tell you what I did, because honestly, few people make ME laugh, and maybe it's about time to help people in this field.
1. While I was parked at a stoplight a foreigner was asking for money. I don't always give these boys at the stoplights money, and today I was thinking that I should give something to Gaza, so I thought, NO I won't. But this young man was smiling so so big, that I gave him some money. He smiled even more and said something kind to me.
2. Then I stopped to buy the newspaper so I said with a serious face to the girl selling papers "I would like a newspaper, but one with only good news". What a smile she gave me, and a laugh! Then I said, "Sold out, eh? I bet you finished those papers about 50 years ago."
3. Then at the pharmacy I wanted to buy some special bars, and the young man said "What kind do you want?" I said YOU just chose by yourself". He gave me two flavors and I said, "Oh no, not this one"" And he said, well, you said that I should chose. And I said, yes, but you chose wrong. He was smiling then, but when he chose another one, I said "NO, not this one either!" At that point he really was laughing and he blushed! The other employees didn't see the humour in it, but he and I did. I left smiling, and he was standing there blushing and laughing.

It is not hard to lighten up someone's day, it is such a delight to see people smile. Try it! And if you have a story of your own, don't forget (here is the commercial) .....15,000 Stories....a new group on your favorite iPeace network!! A place to share your smile-making-stories. It will do all of us a lot of good!!

Here is the link:

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Comment by Daton O Fullard on January 23, 2009 at 2:55am
I am Officially Crowning you The iPeace Queen of Smiles..As your loyal subject I shall confess all that I know at your Coronation Ball..You are an iPeace treasure..Please keep doing what you are doing..Because you do it so well..I am now going out on make someone smile patrol..They will have no chance..against you in Smile Court ; )
Comment by Patparadox on January 15, 2009 at 10:47pm
Hey Stephany, thank you very much for this one! I don´t have a story of my own right now but I totally feel the same. Even or especially on days that I feel sad or angry or just not in place I try to cheer up someone in the street or at the counter, and that moment we share a smile or a grin makes the light come back to my day!
Great to know that there are more people out there using that little "technique"... And yes, let´s start that group!! **PP**

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