1. See anyone or anything as less than or more than you.

2. See anyone, including yourself, as anything other than completely innocent.

note: following either or both of these two steps will also foster experiences of confusion, endless questions, conflict, anxiety, depression, a pendulum like existence, complete instability, self-loathing, distrust, and a serious identity crisis.

note2: following these two steps, you will likely be magnetized by heroes, heroines, evil people, etc....you will love these labels; your experiences will be the worshiping of symbols, milestones, soul mates, etc....becoming a meaning-making machine, you will successfully block yourself from all awareness.....but, you will likely label yourself enlightened anyway.....-:)

if this is you, don't beat yourself up, because that would be the furthering of the unreality that keeps you blocked, simply sit still and honestly announce to yourself that you don't know what anything, including this, means....and that you will not allow your apparent past stories or future fantasies/worries to be the light that guides you now.....

this will open your mind.....to the eventual awareness or progressive stages thereof, as the case is with some, where joy is all you know....



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