I am an OSHO sannyasin, I love the master which is mine, and he died of poisoning, actually he left the body but he is here, totaly alive. I have never seen him in from of me, live. I had no money to go to Poona, India. Only one year after his departure from the body...
He says a lot of thing... 650 books, if not more, and many translated in many many languages. I love him and His Vision of life.
But he wants me NOT to be a parrot repeating words, his words or anybodyzs words.
One wise, I see that he wants us not to be revengeful towards those who poisoned him. We have to be meary, hapy, rejoycing and celebrating.
Other wise, we have to revolt agains the people who oppresses us.
At least in a REBELLIOuS way, not a REVOLTED way.
The masses, I feel, always do disasters, as the bolchevic revolt agains the royaly of Russia, in the past centtury, the so called russian revolution.
Other thing is...
I have the feeling that I would revolt, when someone from the government decides ENTER my house, destroy my OSHO photograph, spit on my Osho Books, tries to hold my hands when I am going to pray...
(My family started to fight here, I stop now...!)
(See you later...!)
(but just to complete...>>>)
This is what chinese soldiers are doing with tibetan people.
I can't conceive someone from this country here, enter my house, destroy my things...

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