Human Harmonics: The Journey Within ~ Calming Your Emotions

Learning to calm our emotions is a crucial step on our path to the 5th dimension. Heavy discordant emotions take us out of our peaceful center making it difficult for us to hear our inner voice and follow the guidance it provides. Our emotions ignite our thoughts into manifestation. It is important for us to listen within and follow the guidance provided, as it allows for ease and grace in our transitions.

Whenever we feel inner discordance we need to ask ourselves, “What message am I responding to and what should I be letting go of right now?” All our negative emotions are showing us the areas in which we are not aligned with the 5th dimension. It is time for us to love and nurture ourselves. What emotional broadcast are we sending out to the world? Being aware of the change in our emotions is half the journey.

As humans, we experience many emotions throughout the day. For many people, there is fear of a peaceful state of being, as they prefer the more intense emotions which lead them to drama filled lives. While some of us learn to value harmonious emotions by first experiencing discordant ones, everyone will at some point come to the understanding drama is no longer required and experience a longing for peace.

As we raise vibrations within ourselves, we will no longer unconsciously take on the lower vibrations of other's emotions; in fact, we will no longer attract those type of people into our life. This is a skill for all empaths to master. By recognizing when we are taking on other people’s energies we are learning to release them.

On our radio show this Wednesday (1:00 p.m. MT, 3:00 p.m. EDT), we'll talk more about calming our emotions and introduce some techniques to assist in gaining control of our inner states of being. In our meditation this week, we'll take you on a 5th dimensional journey and work with the color spectrum to calm and heal unproductive emotions. Come join us for this transformational experience as we head towards 2012 and The Golden Age.

If you are unable to be online for our radio show live, you are welcome to call in and listen by dialing (347) 996-5223 or access the show later from the archives where it will also be available as a podcast for your MP3 player.

Until then, we'd love to see you at our new Harmonic Community (click here) where we have begun work on several different co-creative projects.

Wishing you great love and light in your week ahead,

Erica and Dwaine
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