Special Thanks to Nancy & Chris from Hay House www.hayhouse.com for making this all possible!

This weekend I had the most amazing opportunity of my journey so far. I was given the opportunity to meet and speak with the top Spiritual or “New Age” Guru’s of our time: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Sylvia Brown, Colette Baron-Reid, John Holland and Gregg Braden at the Hay House www.hayhouse.com produced I Can Do It www.icandoit.net , Toronto conference held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

This was, to date, the most uplifting emotional and spiritual event I have ever experienced. As I sit here at my desk writing this now I have tears of joy and a rushing feeling of utter gratitude and love. I have not long been on my journey of personal and spiritual discovery and already I had the opportunity to listen to, experience and meet the Spiritual Guru’s of our time.

4:30 PM Thursday

I had just finished a long day at work but I was filled with the energy and excitement that usually one has when they had just had the most amazing nights sleep. My first mission was to attend the evening event at the conference centre where I was to hear Colette Baron-Reid www.colettebaronreid.com , a Psychic Intuitive and Sylvia Brown, the worlds top Psychic www.sylvia.org speak. I myself have never read, or seen either of them on TV, heard them speak or read any of their literature but still I was filled with excitement for what I was to experience. After all these are the greatest Psychics of our time.

I arrived just in time for the event to start and as to my surprise my good friend Yvette Murray, producer of the Holistic World Expo www.holisticworld.org had saved the most amazing seats. Colette came out to a roaring crowd, a strikingly beautiful woman, who I later found out was actually from Toronto. The crowd loved Collette and so did I. She had an amazing personality like a god friend you had known forever. Colette is a unique Intuitive Psychic; she speaks to animals and what an amazing job she does. Every person Colette read from the crowd was bang on. As she said to me later that evening in an interview “My Dharma or purpose in life is to make spiritual healing entertaining”. After Colette was off stage I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with her about her personal journey and low and behold she brought along a personal friend and world renowned Psychic, John Holland www.johnholland.com . Oh my God was this weekend ending up to be such an amazing journey and believe me my friends it just kept getting better.

So I sit down with the two of them, meaning Colette and John. It was like we had been friends for a life time. The energy that radiated from these two was absolutely amazing. They were loving; they were touching and had the most humorous, entertaining way of approaching everything that it made it a truly playful experience to interview them.

As an interviewer I like to keep it light and simple. I got right to the point. I already knew they were Psychic and that I could ask them any question pertaining to my future that I wanted. That didn’t interest me. I wanted to hear from two of the most powerful, Intuitive Psychics on the planet what they believed their purpose was, what their message for us soul seekers was and what above all gave them the most comfort. To me theses are three of the most important, heartfelt questions I could have asked; and their answers, just as simple and heart felt. “Stop taking yourself so seriously and eat cookies” says Colette, LOL! “What brings me the most comfort on earth is lying in bed with my husband and dogs, and knowing no matter what is going on, that there is love”.

Now John had a different but similar answer. “ My purpose is to be and teach others to be the best that we can be and to use our abilities, talents and gifts to help each other” and on that note it was time to go see Sylvia Brown and get into exactly what this whole I Can Do It www.icandoit.net weekend conference was about.

“After reading countless versions of the bible, Hindu and Buddhist literature and as much religious literature that one could consume, my synopsis is: Love God, Love Yourself, and Do Good then Shut up and go home”. Sylvia Brown

Well I don’t think I have laughed so much in my life and the sound from the audience was just as funny. But she was right and totally set the mood for the rest of my weekend and spiritual education.

5:00PM Friday

I joined my amazing friend and fellow spiritual traveler Alison Prentice, President of a powerful intention company run by her and her life partner Jocelyn, the company, Creo Mundi, A Positive Way of Being www.creomundi.com , who I am more then ecstatic to tell you has recently been mentioned in Time Magazine. Whoo!! Hooo!!! Do the happy dance!!! But when she picked me up I was feeling so ill and was even debating not finishing the rest of the conference. But if what I had experienced the night before was any prediction of what was to come there was no way in hell I was missing this besides that It was this evening that I was to hear my greatest mentor, previous Oprah guest and great friend to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi and oh my god he actually married them. This was none other then the spiritual guru himself Dr. Wayne Dyer www.drwaynedyer.com . I would have to be struck my lightening to miss this event and strapped to a bed unconscious. But I didn’t, I got my uncooperative belly together, checked into my hotel room and Alison and I headed back to the conference center where I was to briefly meet Dr. Wayne Dyer and then listen to his three hour lecture supporting his movie release Ambition to Meaning starring Portia De Rossi www.ambitiontomeaning.com and coming book release Excuses Be Gone!

His message and the message I want you all to hear, along with the mind blowing scientific and spiritual information that I later learned at a four hour conference with the author currently holding the number five spot on the New York Times Best Sellers list, Gregg Braden www.greggbraden.com , the book Fractal Time


We can change our thoughts, we can change our lives, and we can get rid of all those road blocking excuses, get out of our own way and start changing our lives, becoming a happier more caring heart centred people and start changing the world one heart, one moment at a time.

If we look at ourselves and the way that humanity is and where we are going, to you it might not look good. But to me and through these spiritual guru’s that I had the most amazing opportunity to meet and hear we are headed for an absolutely amazing and peaceful planet and way of life.

Right now in North America there are millions of Children on antidepressants, why?
Right now in North America over half the population is unhealthy and overweight, why?
Right now there are probably thousands of people on highways across North America in traffic jams, full of rage and anger yelling at people in cars around them, why?
Right now there is someone, somewhere in our world going to sleep, going over and over in their head how horrible this world is, how much they lack and how nothing ever works out for them, why?
Right now there are millions of people in the world making excuses for why they can’t accomplish what it is that their hearts are telling them they want to do, why?

There are really no valid excuses…

Imagine a world with no excuses. Imagine what your life would look like if you took away every excuse you have ever listened to or given yourself. Imagine the freedom, imagine the peace! Become a person who can’t think of excuses and one who can only think of reasons why what ever it is your thinking about you can accomplish!

You would be free!

Ask yourself these questions my friends! Do you know the answers? If not I can help. Open your hearts and minds and I can introduce you to a world of Yes We Cans! I can guide you to a world of peace, love and happiness! And I will show you how that world starts and is create by you! Your thoughts, your hearts and your world!


There is a great book called The Secret, which I think is an amazing stepping stone or synopsis to a greater answer. It tells us that to get what we want, to be rich, happy or at peace what we have to do is to think about it and tell the Universe or God what it is we want. But I can say what I want 100 times a day 365 days a year and things are not going to magically appear.

You already have to tools to get what you want in life! You were born with them. The first 9 months of your life you were manifested into a human being, and given everything that you needed to survive in this life. All this without effort or the interference of others. You were given eyes to see, ears to hear and legs to walk, and most important of all you were given a heart which is the source of all life. The greatest source of energy you could have ever been given, and we are to follow that, your heart which beats on its own with no help from you and which always knows what is best because my friends your heart is guided by the eternal energy source, Universe, God or what ever name you chose for the creator of all things.

You can chose to listen, to connect with or ignore this God given gift as long as you like. You can be guided by monetary gain, material things, your friends, your parents, your teachers or your boss but you were already given the biggest and most useful gift that you will ever have and that is your heart. Connect with it and let it be your guide and it will guide you wherever it is that you need to be to accomplish your inner peace, Dharma or life’s purpose!

I learned so much valuable information about life, love, spirituality, wellness and peace this weekend and I would love to sit down with everyone of you, or write it all down right now but I would be here for an eternity, which I wouldn’t mind spending with you if I had it, LOL! But what I would like each and every one of you to do is to start searching, start connecting with your heart and truly being guided the way you were intended to be.

The reason that I listed the web sources above, beside the mentioned names and companies, is because I want you to start your journey to your own personal Dharma, peace or purpose on Earth. I want to pass along all the information, guidance and energy that I have received to you. I want you all to start hearing what I have heard, feeling what I have felt, knowing what I know and I want us to join together as the human race to start following our hearts and together one person, one heart, one moment at a time creating an everlasting loving energy that heals our world.

We were given everything we needed to survive in our world by our creator, start using it and unleash the beautiful power of the heart!



Please stay tuned for my weekly writings on spiritual and wellness guidance, events, inspirational people and business and feel free to contact me with a personal story or question at shayne.traviss@gmail.com

Life is amazing my friends, keep shining!


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Comment by maka on May 4, 2009 at 9:43am
thank you for sharing your journey
in peace, maka
Comment by bunny on April 13, 2009 at 3:16pm
what a wonderful journey..such a blessing
Comment by Gordon J Millar ~ The Global We on April 10, 2009 at 1:37pm
Thanks for sharing this Shayne!


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