I cannot be attacked....a response to a brother's message....

Brother, I must tell you, and please be sure you understand, it is impossible for me to be offended unless I believed that attack has any power...I did not feel attacked, but obviously you feel you may have attacked me...this is impossible...please see this as it is...you were being 'playful' in a way that the world thinks is 'fun'.

When you really look at sarcastic humor, which is basically what this instance is, it isn't really fun for either party, just kind of a smoke screen for what is really going on...sarcasm comes from the greek 'sarcas' which means 'to tear flesh'. So if sarcasm is something you want, knowing what it means, that is your choice, I however found out a long time ago, that sarcasm and it's form of humor, was not for me. Not offensive, but just not for me, like a particular food or drink that doesn't agree, I leave it alone, and do not go there, my peace of mind and heart is too dear to me to waste it so frivolously...

Know that my love is not conditional upon another's actions or lack of action, my love for you is given that I may have it. If I do not love you, then I am not loving myself, because to give and receive are one in truth, do you see? I must love everyone, without condition, because to deny anyone, is really to deny myself, and why, after Peter had the experience of denying Christ three times before the cock crowed, would I continue doing this, as we are all the Christ, as one, whole, and complete creation of a loving Creator.

I am so grateful Brother that you wrote back to me. You have a beautiful and loving heart, and please don't worry about anything. I deleted the message from my page because I felt it did not reflect your true light or mine. I love you and hope you can forgive yourself, I saw no reason to forgive you, since I really had no awareness of attack. Be the love and peace that you are, and you will be the happiest that you can be.

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