I just cant bring myself to watch the local station. I mean, sure the news is bad enough, but intermittently they pause and show pictures of the young men and women who are being killed in Iraq. I saw one the other week, I went to school with him! Oh well, this one isnt dead, just horribly maimed, maybe thats even worse!!!
It sickens me that people are still dying for no reason. I keep seeing these pictures of my tv screen, these vibrant men and women and it kills me knowing they are someones son/daughter/brother/ friend, they matter to someone and now they are dead! I look at my son, hes three and I swear he will NEVER fight , never be harmed or harm someone else, all so the rich can profit and gain, while the poor and middle class see no benefit anyway!

I believe that this war is going nowhere, it has not improved much for Iraq andyway, why cant we just leave right now? Im no philospher and Im not the best at writing, these are just my feelings. I dont ever want to hear that a classmate of mine was disfigured halfway around the world in a cause thats not just in my opinion, God Bless the troops I dont blame them, God save them as well.

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Comment by Brendan on March 20, 2009 at 4:07am
I have a strong passion for living in Peace and truth and a goal to believe only in the peace of God...at the moment i believe illusions are real and have put faith in illusions....for when they surface in my life i loose the experience of my oneness with life and god...just recently i have stopped listening to the news in the media because it takes me away from the peace of God...i am sure there are a few items on the news every now and then like hearing about there being a new government in power or that my local towns bridge has finished being built, But hearing about horrific tragedy's day in day out robs me of experiencing peace....why do i need to hear about all the negative news when there is nothing i can do about it except send my peace and love to the helpless people we hear about....even tv shows don't entertain me any more because i do not share the same thought system they represent, which is the belief in illusions....i only believe in all the right minded ideas that are the foundation to the knowledge of how reality really is in the mind of God...God did not create illusions i believe man did to try an escape from the oneness of God ( ego ) = Escaping Gods Oneness....so since 90% of television is based on supporting this mad idea that we are separate from one another and God it no longer supports my idea of what is entertainment...i choose peace over conflict....reality over illusions....and seeing the oneness and sacredness in all things love would create...what is whole and complete can have no opposites, and love is all there is..its good to hear you have stopped hurting yourself by watching the tradgedy on tv cindy, i just watch documentaries now and cooking shows...i wish you and your close ones a happy and peaceful future...there are many love masterminds in training so dont buy into the idea our future is bleek, that idea is the ego perpetuating its self....PEACE , Brendan
Comment by Dr. S.Ramakrishnan on December 21, 2008 at 2:28am
We do have the power to change the local news face by shifting the focus! Israel News Papers are best examples to prove the point.


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