for many years, and now am ready. I still don't know exactly how to say this to you, or understand the consequences of this statement in their entirety, but this is the truth, and i must try to communicate it. i am nothing. i am, relative to life within this grand universe of ours, as important as that bacteria cell which you may remove by washing your hands, destroy by disinfecting, or leave be to evolve as a part of the ecosystem known as your body. we are not alone. there are organisms- living, among the stars- which see us as we see our uninvited bodily residents. why must we focus so much of our energy on making the world what we want it to be when it is guaranteed to cost us every ounce of effort we can possibly muster if we are going to continue the existence of our species [sic- one world, people]? My intention is not to be a pessimist... or a realist... i am a dreamer.

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Comment by G.P. on December 2, 2010 at 4:10pm
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
I hope you'll like my share:

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