I was speaking to Bente Seadal now and wished to thank all our friends here on iPeace and also thank Jussara here iPeace for buying 5 of my 9 cds.

Actually I show my music freely here all the time, but I am having deep survival troubles here.

I am not poor at all, but money I have none, as says DON WILLIAMS the singer, in a CD of his.

Ilona from Unification Project helped me to have a PAYPAL button, and I am very glad to see things going along here and in my life.

Yesterday, very succesfully I gave my (offered my) first TAROT SESSION online through the MSN messenger.

It was just fine,.

I loved it.

Thank you to all of you.



You continue listening to my music in here, in the players, you please enter www.reverbnation.com/tazameditation.com

Please watch


Please watch


and if your consciousness and loving care says YES I DO IT

you can deposit offerings to god through me, whatever you enjoy doing.

in my PAYPAL button or email


Thank you all.

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