I saw his left hand grasping Ming Yuan, Yeguo a clean empty pots from the side, right hand side scoop spoon into the pot about a pound plane. Left hand while the other side half a teaspoon of water and a spoon to scoop up water, slowly inject the surface, the two hands doing different actions, but did not confusion. Read the ice know, this is the culinary world famous art Hiroyuki hands each heart with two points, but also made ??of matter in the monograph. Ming Yuan point out right from three white sauce box some white powder nobis luna, add to flour, plain: "The warm water of the open salt, alkali, a little alum, which is the foundation." After saying that, his work has been completed hands, hands pick up, in the hands of their tools have been returned to their own position, two hands while inserting basin among the quick stir up. Just a few blink of an eye, previously also scattered flour and spices, this time has become a dough. Bing jhjhj0906dsf Xin Nian very clear what this place is secondary, the most important is the amount put, this dough is also very particular about the way the wrist must be strong, and that the order rub different direction, out of the finished product will vary. While cooking incense coil has only just begun, but read the ice has seen a lot of things, heart secretly nod, experts, it really is a master, it seems that they did not come to this breeze vegetarian white. Ming Yuan in the hands of the action faster and faster nobis sale, continuous dough into various shapes in his hand, sometimes long, sometimes flat sheet. No trace stop time. If an ordinary cook, in the production of incense lap, after the need to put a face and a good half hour before you can continue the process, and Ming Yuan reason constantly rubbing surface, precisely because he want this process wake surface omitted. This requires high skills and familiarity with several spices integration across can do. Only this, that the yuan has proven his words that the king is not no reason Crocker come.
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