An artistic event in Torgiano, Italy where artists paint with watercolours, but only with one difference, they use wine to dilute their paints. The 27th edition is on August 16 in the beautiful town of Torgiano, not far from Perugia Italy. Each artist is given paints and paper and produce one or more paintings. Each year the event hosts a show of the paintings done the year before, so these paintings will be shown next year. The event is lively and draws much tourism to this small town. There are art shows, musical performances, presentations. This year I too will be partecipating, along with many artist friends, including international artists as well. It starts at 7.30pm, Monday August 16th so if you are in Italy, you might enjoy seeing this original event, have dinner, walk around and enjoy the many art shows.

Stephanie Seymour

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