Any control or even reform of guns in society is significant.  But in the bigger picture and fuller dynamics, we are a society and culture of violence, greed and multiple addictions.  Gun control is a step, but only a step, a starting point, in a long and challenging process.  The process to move on needs democratization.  The American people need to become involved in the dynamics of committed, diligent compassion.  The involvement must become sustained, ingrained, integral. 


As a nation, we need to detoxify ourselves, our common environment and our communities.  A key challenge and a confronting question in doing what is right here is whether or not we have sustaining commitment; whether or not we can relearn a reverence for life.   If our answer is yes, it will take a generation or more to change how we think and feel.  But even as gun control is a step in the intergenerational journey, so is this day and this hour a starting point in a life time of compassionate involvement, regenerative trust and redefinition of the who and what of being American.


As a contribution to this necessity of turning away from the culture of violence, greed and self-isolating addictions, I am inviting everyone who reads these words to download a free copy of the ebook Life In the Age of Extinctions.  It is a contribution to the changes we need to embody and in the spirit of such serious changes the book is given to each and all as a genuine giving and a gift without a price tag.  It was published online on November 31 and already has garnered 10,000 downloads, 52% of which have been in the United States


In a recent review of the book, the reviewer, Professor Emanuel Paparella wrote these words: ““Those who now take the time to read and ponder more extensively David’s book…will be richly rewarded with new inspired insights on the fate of the earth and humankind, and will find their faith and hope in their survival renewed and refreshed.”


Here is the link:


When you have downloaded a copy and gotten into it, please pay it forward and share this invitation and link with others:   I ask only that you “read and ponder” and consider carrying at least some part of the book or its spirit into the opening and ongoing public dialogue that must emerge and continue.


While the focus is now on the United States in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, the appeal is not confined within any territory or border.  Rather, it is the entire of humanity that is entangled in the web of violence and it is humanity and the Earth itself that craves liberation from the excesses of indifference, neglect, terror, despair and destruction.

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