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Chapter Three- Indigos and Relationships

Indigos and our relationships. Ah, the meat and potatoes chapter. Yes, if you have made it this far, take a break and laugh a little because we both know what is about to be read. This is the area that affects all of us, Indigos and Non-Indigos, but for Indigos it is worse. An Indigo being in a relationship with non-Indigo is like being in a relationship where the only form of communication is through charades. You get it, they don’t! The frustration of trying to get a point across is at times unbearable. It is the, “Don’t you see it?” situation that is hard to deal with.

While you think you are with the right partner, you still may have feelings of loneliness, sadness and desperation. This is because you not with your Soul Mate. Trust me, only another Indigo can understand an Indigo. No wonder most Indigos are either single or divorced.

The Indigos who are in relationships are for the most part, miserable. Their partner is making their life a living hell because of the differences between the two of them. I am here to tell you now, the ONLY way you, as an Indigo, are ever going to have an intimate, fulfilling, meaningful relationship is to be with another Indigo.

Why live a life with someone and be in a relationship that is full of isolation and discontentment? Anything else will be selling yourself short and creating a situation that will produce stress. This is a very unproductive way to live life. Continuing in a relationship like this leads down only one road and that is the road of destruction.

Don’t maintain a relationship out of convenience or because you think that is all you deserve. However, I am not saying to go home and pack your bags and leave. First, find out if this is where you belong, if not, then take the necessary action to correct it. Life is too short to sell yourself short and settle for less than you deserve.

So, what are Indigos really looking for in a relationship? How about a mutual respect and honor with an exchange of thoughts on higher levels of consciousness. They are looking for relationships where they can exchange

thoughts, emotions and love; that is at such a high level of vibration and frequency that it is beyond words to describe it! During intimate times, you will not know where one person ends and another begins. Within this fulfillment of ecstasy, the two of you become one.

Every Indigo, if he or she is true to themselves, knows this truth of how you long for that Soul Mate, the one that you can explore the God/Goddess within. You know that deep inside of you is a burning desire to experience that “ Oneness” with the one that you are meant to be with. That “ Oneness “ of one touch, one look, one heart, one soul. It is within these times that “magic “comes to be.

Because you know that this type of Love is the most powerful energy force in the universe, you will never be happy or content until you find it. Within this power is the ability to create any desire, any reality. To have this freedom to explore and express your true nature, to experience an authentic love with a partner that is your equal that is what awaits all Indigos who are able to find our Indigo Soul Mate.

So, what are you to do? Well, first thing, hang in there. With this new awareness you will have a better sense of what you need to do. Be like water and seek your own level. Once you can indentify with this issue, you’ll be on the path to greater things. Spend time on meditation, seek out your guides. And, seek out other Indigos.

If you have been in a mess of a relationship, then it is time to clean up that mess. That includes getting rid of all that low level negative energy that you have accumulative over time. Get into the best shape you can, and I mean into the best physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically shape you can. Clear out the old to make room for the new. You can’t get to second base as long as you keep a foot on first, so get going!

May you find the right one for you, the one that is meant to be, because that is what your future partner is looking for, too. You deserve it and they deserve it. So get busy!

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