"Love has come to rule and transform. Stay awake my heart stay awake."


The heart left, and the Friend is also gone.
I don't know whether I should go after the Friend
or after the heart!

A voice spoke to me:
"Go in pursuit of the Friend,
because the lover needs a heart
in order to find union with the Friend.
If there was no Friend,
what would the lover do with his heart?"


"You are a volume in the divine book
A mirror to the power that created the universe
Whatever you want, ask it of yourself
Whatever you’re looking for can only be found
Inside of you" ~ Rumi ♥


When you are sorrowful, look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.
A traveler am I and a navigator, and every day I discover a new region within my soul. ~ Kahlil Gibran ♥


What makes the desert beautiful, said the little prince, is that somewhere it hides a well. ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ♥


Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul. ~ Saint Augustine ♥


Faith is the bird that feels the light, and sings when the dawn is still dark. ~ Rabindranath Tagore ♥


As fragrance abides in the flower,
As the reflection is within the mirror,
So doth thy Lord abide within thee,
Why search Him without?
~ Guru Nanak ♥


Those who commune with Me in love's devotion abide in Me, and I in them.


I am the origin of all things. In Me the whole universe originates and dissolves….

All this is strung in Me, as a row of jewels on a thread. I am the wetness of water… the radiance in the moon and the sun… I am the sweet fragrance in earth, and the brilliance in fire am I: the life in all beings.


"I am the taste of the living waters. I am the light of the Moon and the Sun. I am the Holy Name, the holy name of the Vedas. I am the sound of Silence; the strength of men."
~The Bhagavad Gita ♥

** ♥ **

Peace is a possibility that lies dormant in the heart of every single person . . . but something has to change before the potential will be realized.


"Peace is not the negation of war:

It is the negation of the warring tendencies in the human being,
Peace is not an issue of institutions. It is people who start the WARS.

If people start respecting PEACE, then there will be PEACE.

The peace we are looking for is within us.

That is where we will find it.
Peace is within the heart of each being.

If we want peace in our lives, it is definitely possible.

We don’t have to create peace, we have to usher it in.....


Peace begins with every single human being on the face of this earth. That's the necklace. Everything else is a reflection.

When the heart is full, when the human being is full, then automatically, the person is not in duality, is not in questions, but in answer.

Not the complicated, but the simple—that we are. This is what we favor; this is who we need to be. This is our nature.

When we are in that equilibrium where our hearts are full, our true nature shines.

And the true nature that we have is beautiful. It’s real.

And "that" is the place of true peace. We look for it far away when it is so close to us.

Even in the most hopeless of situations, there is hope.

This is who we are.

There is a resilience, there is an understanding, there is a strength to every human being. And that is the strength to march towards the gateways of inner peace.


Is a very simple metamorphosis.
It comes about because of understanding.

If you’re caught in beliefs and never convert your beliefs to knowing, you will never complete the process of becoming a butterfly.

Yet that’s what you are supposed to be.

To a lot of people, it’s like, “What are you talking about, beliefs? What’s wrong with beliefs?” There’s nothing wrong with beliefs.

Belief is like an unlit candle. When you light it, it transforms into knowing. If belief can bring you to knowing, no harm. But if the belief stops you from knowing, then that’s no good. You have to know.

Knowing is so different. In believing, there is nothing but questions.


You have the ability to recognize what is good.
Do so.
If life were a canvas with colors, would you paint?
If life were a drum, would you play?
Or would you say, “I don’t know how to paint. I don’t know how to play.”
“I don’t know how” is an excuse.
If you really don’t know how, you can find out.
It takes searching and understanding.
That’s the tool you have been given.
It’s called life.


Peace Needs to be Real
When it comes to peace, when it comes to understanding, people are happy to stay in the description and not have the experience.
Every day, we try to imagine God through our mind and intellect.
We try to talk to him and see him through these eyes.
And what is the experience?

What is the experience of that which resides within?

This is what I talk about, and this is what I pay more attention to.
The descriptions are fine, but without experience, all those things are incomplete.
Water quenches thirst, but a picture of water cannot quench your thirst.
Fire can burn something, but a picture of fire cannot burn anything.
If you want to have true love, you have to experience true love.
Just hearing words or descriptions and imagining it are not enough.

It needs to be real.
~ P Rawat ♥

_(_.^._)____SEEDS OF ___(_.^._)
___(¯`v´¯)_____ _______(¯`v´¯)
__(¯`(█)´¯)___LOVE ____(¯`(█)´¯)

Sowing Only Seeds of Love

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