“Inner Peace – How to?” (Part II)

"No, no, you're not thinking; you're just being logical."
~ Niels Bohr

"When we are children, we are more open to our feelings and rely on them to make decisions. As we grow and are educated, we are taught how to think logically and our reliance on our feelings diminishes. A truly wise person has learned to balance the intuitive understanding of his heart with the rational knowledge of his head. It is through this twinned approach that flashes of inspiration can be manifested into physical reality.
Together we figure it out,
Humanity Healing Team"
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Hence, how?:

* to gain inner peace via self-reflection and self-appreciation?

* to step out of that daily grind hamster wheel of modern society which has been so subtly yet effectively
messing up and breaking up with most of our ancient meaningful traditions?

And how to discern in the end:

*the true self-appreciation towards our single core of essence, our soul as well as our quiet and good conscience - all as prerequisites for unadulterated, unpretentious and unconditional love towards others?


* subliminal “narcissitic” self-addiction (in terms of overly self-appreciation and self-actualization - or, in the worst case, in terms of selfishness and arrogant iconic self-contemplation via just “knowing better than anbody else)

Especially when we were often educated in our childhood in a rationalized pugnacious way, with introspectional "Self-appreciation" and positive "Self-assertiveness" being a clear vice, a no-no!!

So it took us often decades to finally better understand the societal downward spiral dynamics of the world around us and even the plurality of our own being in terms of "Me, myself and I":

* The „I“ being the self-defense outer hard shell of our ego-coconut, being our daily decorum social stage role, our “status”, our “wealth, our “ranking”, our “positioning“.

* The “Me” representing our literal well-roundedness of that inner coconut meat in terms of our our brains (i.e. our sagacity as well as our creativity) paired with our heart (e.g. our compassion, kindness, helpfulness etc.)….

* The “mySELF”, i.e. our soul, being the immense hollow within the coconut filled with the air of our spirit and the isotonic liquid of our essence; i.e. our quiet and good conscience, which tells us what we properly SHALL become in our divine individuality…

Only our innate SELF is the true WHY of our being … it is our unadulterated intuition, inspiration and mind…

And it is also the HOW-TO as to our successive emergence from our primarily „crude“ existence into a meaning.ful and wise personality…

Our SELF is our milkyway and our solar plexus in the darkness of our living space, our natural divine energy, which drives and stimulates each body cell and the flow which we can sense underneath our skin.

It is the puissance which fills our heart and mind with passion and devotion.

It is our core of essence which lets us realize the MEANING in each moment:

Don’t ask others what they can do for you, you’d better ask your SELF what you can responsibly do(nate) towards others and humanity…

Don’t ask life for providing meaning to, you’d better let life ask you questions, every minute, which you then answer response.ible, hence meaning.ful.

Only those of us who manage to love their own SELF, can „self-evidently“ open up to others without any prior bias. Our “myself” is our centre and hence, must never become the convenient social scapegoat, or worse, the victim of others’ feigned supremacy…..

Though, if we seek for true meaning in our life and love towards ourselves and other people, we do need to maintain a certain degree of reflective self-distance!

This means: Stop blaming or complaining (neither about others nor about yourself). Stop listening to your own high flying expectations or trying to adhere or suffice other people’s (peer-pressured) expectations. Stop draining your energy….

The crucial point to be taken here is, that sagacious self-distance is important in one own’s (self-)love, in order to be not an overemotional involved "part" of any mutual process….
This is meant to be able to rest in a somewhat "neutral" position, so that always inevitable failures, throw-backs, misunderstandings, missing appreciation etc. do not affect us personally within our inmost core (which is one of the major reasons why many (love) affairs often very soon end in hate and sometimes even fights).....

In a nutshell, one can only truly give and dedicate his/her (peaceful) energy towards other people, if he/she can settle on a strong own fundamental belief in one's own true self.

And exactly this quiet conscience is our safe haven, our lighthouse, our firm rock in the surf, it is the anchor that keeps us grounded, it is our navigational compass in emotional rough sea, and it is our fathometer in "shallow" relationship waters....

But in oder to arrive there, we have first to set sails, heading to “new” horizons, discovering “unknown” shores of our innate qualities and hidden capacities, and how to uplift our inner potential.

Our innate quiet and divine conscience provides us with the certitude and reliability of inmostly knowing what our virtuous actions to be undertaken are, despite all rough sea waves and fierce head winds of distrust, repudiation or even black-mailings we might get blown right into our face......

Now, how to get there? Read more in part three of this blog “Inner Peace – step by step?” (Part III)

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Comment by Beatrice LATEUR LACROIX on May 14, 2009 at 12:24pm
Thanks for your inspiring words.
I'm just sitting and breathing and realizing once again : we are One.
Love and Peace.
Comment by Beatriz Helena de Moraes Leme on March 4, 2009 at 2:26pm
Leaning the Peace will only come througt the change of our vibratory pattern, if we tie our selves
to the Superior plan, there yes we will change the world for best and it is our responsability 24 hs in the planet.
Beatriz Helena.
Comment by Raven Cohan on March 3, 2009 at 8:43pm
To be able to touch the bliss that is already inside us, but sometimes hides, is what my 27 years of training with my teacher Mantak Chia, has helped ME to obtain. (Other teachers for 15 years before that helped point the way...) Certainly I have moments that could be more in control, but I feel I am human and I don't expect perfect behavior.
My own control of self is so, so very much better than it used to be. That's what is important. And yet we all want the WORLD to be perfect. We get angry, hold grudges & explode at what is perceived to be "OUT THERE" somewhere. Well, like the Wizard of Oz and the fairy godmothers taught her, Dorothy learned, "There is no place like home"... It usually takes a tornado lifting up our home and crashing it down, for us to begin newly. But don't wait for the storm! Start today to find a teacher in meditation, yoga, tai chi, sufism, and any ancient culture has shaman who will help you find the peaceful person in yourself. If you live around S. Florida, go to my page and get my Web site and see what we offer here to start you transforming YOURSELF or illuminate a way you might enjoy more than other things you have played with. It's time for all of us on the planet to stop blaming, shaming and guilting every one else. Today! NOW! Ole', Hurray!
Comment by KaBoom Promotions on March 3, 2009 at 8:17pm
One step would interesting be to do away with the monetary system.
Comment by Margie Sennett-Antunes on March 3, 2009 at 7:38pm
Again, so succinct and true, simplicity = peace.
Comment by Spiral !mpact on March 3, 2009 at 7:01pm
Hi Dirk,
Bravo, for this conversation! Here's an approach to "crack" the code you are revealing in this series of blogs. I apologize for not waiting until (Part III) :) and any redundancy.
Author of the "The Work Zone™, a "way of being" that creates an experiential field of study for leadership, productivity, accomplishment and communication.
Distinct from the kind of study that explains in order to understand, the Work Zone™ is designed to leave participants living inside of and being empowered by the abstractions: leadership, productivity, accomplishment and communication."
© 2009 Kyle Winn


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