For those who wish to turn within and find peace, Prem Rawat offers a practical tool, which he calls (Self) Knowledge. He likens this tool to a bridge or a mirror. He says that the experience of Knowledge cannot be described; that it can only be experienced and judged by the heart. He describes Knowledge as not being a solution to problems, but rather as a means to extract the joy which, he says, resides within each breath. This Knowledge, he says, is a way for a person to connect with themselves. This requires sincerity and a commitment to trust one’s own heart:


"Knowledge is unique. It’s unique because, on one hand you have four very physical techniques, and on the other hand there is this beautiful joy. There is this beautiful feeling that these techniques bring. Here is an ultimate bridge between these four techniques and the heart. …because remember: heart has to be the judge. Where Knowledge takes you, heart has to be the judge. The feeling that Knowledge brings you: the heart has to be the judge. And, if you try to describe it, it is almost impossible. But you can certainly feel it. This is what it is all about. Experience... Experience and let the heart be the guide. Let the heart be the judge. Knowledge is not a solution to your problems. A lot of people… This is what they think... You know? “If I receive Knowledge then all my problems will disappear.” No. Knowledge is not a solution to your problems. You want to solve your problems? Then you need to solve your problems. The best way to solve your problems is, in fact, not to have them in the first place. Don’t do those things that create the problems. But the problems do have solutions. You can search. You can find those solutions and you can solve your problems. Knowledge is strictly for taking you to that place within, where you can feel that joy. …where you can feel that peace."



Once people have been shown the techniques of Knowledge, which are four simple meditative techniques for focusing within, he tells people to let their heart fill with the gratitude for life that naturally comes from within, and that they capture this feeling. He says Knowledge opens the door to receiving gifts “from the heart” and to feeling a joy upon which, he says, no price can be put.


“In this realm of knowledge, time stops
the mortals begin to talk of immortality
the imperfect begin to understand perfection
the door to the beautiful temple within
is flung wide open
and the most incredible dance
of all dances that could ever be danced
begins to be danced
the music plays
untouched by human hands
only heard by those
who have entered
and the music, this divinity, sweet
where silence dare not enter day or night.“

Knowledge is a journey not a destination


Prem Rawat describes the practice of Knowledge as a commitment of a lifetime, which requires a lot of determination and persistence, and he offers to help people make this lifetime journey. The practice of Knowledge, he says, enables one to feel a love that lies within the heart, a love of life, a love within the breath. He sees the need for such love to be unconditional for a person to progress on this journey:


If you are willing to pay attention… If you are truly willing to listen… If you are truly willing to have that determination to quench this thirst, this is going to be a journey you are going to love. Why? …because this is a journey, the journey that is a journey for its own sake, not a destination oriented journey. No. The sail’s up. The wind has come. And the vessel moves. Because the breath comes... Because you are alive… That is the reason. Make this journey. And the path to fulfillment is based on you, just you.



Knowledge is your best friend. It’s the sword that cuts clean the ambiguity. Cuts clean the ‘ifs’ and the ‘buts’. Makes apparent the value of this breath, the value of this existence. It is the only thing that produces that parallel between... everything and you. It shows you where you belong and where everything else is. Without judgment. If you call it silence, then it is silence, but it is a silence of a different kind. It is the silence where the heart is full, not empty. You could call it the absence. But it is the absence of a want of anything: because you are full.


Part of making the journey to peace within requires removing doubts and shedding baggage he says. By baggage he means preconceived ideas, judgments, concepts, inherited from the world and not truly ours:


"Learn to trust yourself, because this journey is not going away from you. This is going to you. This is about looking within. We know how to look outside. We see the things. We judge the things: good, bad, right, wrong, “This is nice,” “This looks good,” “This looks great.” But really, when you start to look within it has to be without any judgment. It has to be simple. It has to be clear.”


Prem Rawat says that the person who pursues this process will find himself, becoming more awake and aware. This person will find himself staying away from the ocean of aimless questions, and attracted to an ocean within which Rawat describes as full of answers. These answers within, he says, come in the form of feelings and many of these answers have nothing to do with any questions the person may have. He describes practicing Knowledge as a process of courting clarity:


”We know that there is something very beautiful inside of us. But what we do is, when we don’t understand it or we don’t have a means of fulfilling this feeling, we go ahead and ignore it and get on with other things. And those other things start taking priority in our life. And all those things become more important in our life. But now comes the time that perhaps we have this possibility to be able to go inside and experience it again. And this is so much the process of discovery, because we are rediscovering. To me, this Knowledge is not creating a new experience. This is not about creating new elements. This is not about bringing new elements into our life. This is about re-discovering what we have. …because we have incredible strength and we have an incredible potential.”

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This is the junction, this is the marriage: perfection has come into the imperfect. The most rugged, the most staunch, the most inflexible steel has been turned into string and put on a guitar. And it can play beautiful music. This is it. Play. Why shouldn't you play that music? Why shouldn't your life be full of that feeling?




It doesn't take long for transformation to occur. It doesn't. All it takes is understanding. Once that understanding is there, there will be transformation. And of course we want that transformation to be for something good, for something better, for something beautiful.



“Peace is one singular reality that is common to every human being. The peace that is defined by the mind, will change as generations change, as cultures change, as people change. But desire for peace that resides in the heart has never changed.”  ~ P Rawat!...

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