I just got this idea -- reading something from Louise, and her comment.

I am feeling that there is some power in this -- it's really kind of magical -- if this could be....

But the idea I suddenly got -- has to do with how it feels

when we are "inside the forcefield of connection and love" -- and what happens when we step outside of it...

So, the thought is -- this iPeace space -- and maybe other places we link to, while remaining in wholeness -- creates a kind of "inside channel".

Some people could say, oh it's just a fantasy, it's all in your mind.

But it isn't. It's real. People come into this channel -- they look around, they like it. The read the guidelines, maybe they already live this way -- and they starting feel this energy-pulse...

So, the point is -- come into this channel -- and enter a bond of trust. People here are connected, and you are connected. We are doing this. We are connected, we are doing this together. To me -- this feels really hot.

Maybe -- the feeling is like a prayer -- maybe it's just me -- being here, feeling this warming sun come in my window, feeling this flow, feeling this connection and all these "treasures" -- and -- sensing that this channel -- can reach everywhere, can connect in a million directions. David is not wrong or naive to hope for a million people. How fantastic that would be... !

When we are here -- we are in a sacred channel like a river of lightning -- there is a great bond of trust. People are safe here, they respect each other, we "honor the diversity", we love that people are different, that they come from everywhere. I myself am especially impressed and grateful that almost everybody speaks good english, because I would look pretty stupid in any other language -- so thanks for that! (and if we don't speak the same language, we'll find some other way to connect)

So -- come into the channel, feel the magic -- and somehow "know" -- that this magic is going to heal the injuries and wrong-thinking that drives destructive forces in the world...

Yes, it's mystical. But it's not really "mysterious". It's simply trust -- and the power of trust.

Be trustworthy, be kind. Listen. Honor the other voice. Trust -- is very powerful. Trust is magnetic. It is inviting. People come to iPeace -- because it can be trusted. "iPeace treats people right" -- and 'iPeace people treat people right..."

We can touch everything. We can reach everywhere. We can connect everybody.

Just trust. Just do it. Come into the channel -- of trust. Stay there. It's walking on water -- it's walking on air -- it's sheer magic --

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