Instant Peace

Many of us are like a walking windmill.
A tempest in the teacup of factitious beliefs,
know-it-all-behaviour and greedy attitudes,
standing on our own precious ego-pedestal.

Yet deep within we all are born as a calm lighthouse
and if we just radiated our innate state of true BEing,
others would sense our essence, i.e. the original and
eternal state of us being humble, peaceful and loving.

Yet we misuse and pervert our inmost energy with our
outer adhesions. Because attachements turn our
quiet conscience into ill consciousness,
our love and passion into fear and guilt, and
our dignity and peace into anger and aggressions.
Adhesions distort our positive attitudes and
humility into freedom-bereaving actions towards others.

This is neither healthy nor prosperous for ourselves,
the least for those we love or share our social lives with.
Which is why loving LETTING-GO is the secret to living
like a lighthouse, radiating attentiveness, refuge, solace,
compassion, humility, harmony, passion and warmth.

If you detatch, you will ignite a powerhouse of creativity
and unleash unknown multiple forces for colourful unfoldings,
not only in your own but in other peoples’ favour too….
Cos it is never too late to enjoy your precious self-hood.

If you don't start to detach your SELF from your clinging EGO,
then you will stay socially manacled. You will be rather
thinking in threats and losses than in gains and rather rest
in strangulating dependencies than in peace of mind,
finding personal freedom, flow and self-determination.

If you let others threaten your Me-My-and-I, you let them
only threaten your personal realm of opinions, beliefs,
habits, status, securities, nets, signs and symbols.
But people and life in general can never threaten your SELF.

Love, Passion and Light may be tried to be abused or
harassed by others, but one’s SOUL, one’s ESSENCE
and one’s sound and quiet CONSCIENCE can never neither
being bought nor ever been taken away.

So, what can you easily detach your.SELF from today?

Since I let go to sail on a too close reach, I saved energy & time.
Since I let go my rigging, I gained and made up all my prior leeway.
Since I let go to beat the odds, I started to win the Soul's Cup.
Since I let go my steering wheel, I could touch my own horizon.
Since I let go my anchor in the shade, I discerned my own light & love.....


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