Since our space Abrelatas Cuántico, we invite you to explore the diversity of issues that we have developed in relation to the Quantum Physics and Cosmovision of Life:

Abrelatas Cuántico is an opening and expansion of consciousness that allows us to browse through videos, music, books, art and humor knowledge of understanding of the nature and history of man on Earth.

On different pages on our blog, we talk and show videos about:

a) Quantum Physics: find movies theories of strings and parallel universes.

b) The Awakening of Consciousness: contains videos on the meaning of consciousness, the expansion and strengthening of critical mass.

c) People who know: you'll find conferences Drunvalo Melquisedek on Lemuria, Atlantis, Sacred Geometry, The Flower of Life, the psychic, and so on. Also, soon we will have more people continue relating the latest findings in its investigations.

d) How and who control us: we will see where videos can recognize the truth of what happens in the world, who are the masters and for centuries have managed to control systems have the power to decide in a few hands.

e) Quantum Library: you will have access to a variety of interesting books on the subject at hand.

f) Quantum Art: through videos, presentations and more can enjoy the creativity.

g) Quantum Music: we seek to have the chance to enjoy the beauty through music vibrates in the frequency of 5th Dimension. It also has a video showing the geometry of the Sound where you can see the influence of it in our lives. And find a video that explains how the sound is very interesting.

h) Indigo Children: For smaller home, they let Donald funny videos in the world of matemágicas and others dealing with the issue of indigo revolution that our planet Earth.

i) Smiles opener: find videos and presentations that will relax you and cause you more of a smile while you take a break from so much information.

j) Quantum Messages: here you will find messages from people from other dimensions that are with us in this time of the quantum leap.

k) Quantum Meditations: you have different music videos that allow you to make moments of connection with your inner being.

l) Beyond History: Here you will find a series of videos that will explain where we came from science, the big bang.

At the end of each page, you can leave your comments and begin to close the gap. Send your mail to promote friendly ties and strengthen the critical mass.

With the interior certainty that we are all interconnected in the Big Red Cosmic from our hearts, we will expand through our blog to share and enjoy in 3D. Celebrating this moment and Joy Festival, where in the Universe confirms that it is time to make the jump.

A warm heart to heart.
Gabriela Peret

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Comment by Faisal Alam on January 19, 2009 at 8:02pm
What about Unlimited Dimension. we are thinking about 3d to 4, 5, 6d. Think that Dimension is till 1,2,3, 4,......n.
The way world of we see 1,2,3,4,......n unlimited world.

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