Invitation to the English Summer Camp in Nazareth/Israel- July 2011

Dear Friends

4th July 2011 is very near. I'd like to invite you and to deliever the following invitation to your friends in your listmail who are intrested to participate to the coming English Summer Camp on 4th July 2011 in Nazareth/Israel.

It is a peace project which help people to know the other and to spread the love and peace among them.

It's an amazing opportunity to be hosted in Arab families in Nazareth and to visit the holy land in Israel and meet the people there. Also you will be very impowerd by bieng a volunteer in this camp.


I do this project for 13 years under the umbrella of the city council in Nazareth, you can read more about this event through the following link:


it will be helpful to hear from you and your friends any comment or respond.

Much love

Kamel Barghouti

Nazareth/ Israel

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