There was a brazen and unprovoked attack by Israel on an unarmed ship carrying only civilians. The incident happened in international waters where the flotilla had the right of free passage, as per international law. Therefore, the attack was also illegal and morally unjustified. This is an example of state terrorism. Israel had a history of such state terrorism. Given the history of such brutality by Israelis, this was to be expected. Nevertheless, the state terrorism of Israel must be condemned by all peace-loving people of the world. Will the Israelis attack the second ship bound for the Gaza strip? I think not. The world has reacted to this outrageous use of brazen force on innocent civilians.

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Comment by RJK on May 12, 2015 at 10:24am

There are no winners in war or terrorism. It is getting worse .. All innocent walks of life deserve the right to be who they are no matter what religion. 

Comment by Deborah J. Boyd on June 9, 2010 at 8:17pm
Let us examine what the history of the land surrounding Jerusalem tells us. The people of Israel, known as Jews go back to at least 4,000 BC. At some point many of the people, Jewish, were taken to Egypt as slaves.
Moses lead many back to Israel. Jesus Christ was born and died but the example he set lived on. Jesus did not start Christianity, his followers did. A great deal of time passed and soon another hero came to Earth and began a religion known as Islam. He appreciated what the Jews as well as Jesus had to say but in his quest to stabilize the Arabic Culture, that in his day was very barbaric and ruthless, he searched for a new way. He felt that the way of Jesus, in particular, had been corrupted by power-hungry people.
To make a long story short we now have Jerusalem, a place, that has great significance to 3 religions. In each of these religions we have liberals, moderates, and conservatives. The liberals wish to share, while the conservatives want their religion to control Israel. The moderates are trying to keep everyone from killing everyone else. So Israel has had many "masters". From the beginning 4,000 BC or even older, several tribes of several beliefs, coveted the whole land at the expense of the others. Israel after World War II was granted back to the Jewish people because the land that the Nazis and others took from them was occupied by others. After the fall of Hitler, the remaining Jews tried to return home to the property and countries they had come from and many were slaughtered by the thieves that took their property.
Now here is what I do not understand. If they can build an island in Japan, man-made, and put an airport on it. If the people of an oil rich country can build an island, man-made, that looks like a palm tree. Why not get all the wealth of the collective Arab countries to invest in a similar island development to expand Gaza so that the young unemployed men of Gaza quit living for revenge or whatever else has been poured into their souls so that the rest of the World can get on with recovering from a devastating collapse caused by greed. Greed and Destruction are addictions. Revenge has no end. Each side must learn to live with each other.

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