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Hey Friends of RanchoBozo.com and ipeace.me

I taught in Bolinas School in a 7/8th grade class yesterday. I saw self motivated middle schools students using communication skills and math as a tools to solve real hands on problems. This is due to master teachers Don Jolley and Willow It was great working with their capable students.

Carol baked some delectable cake that tasted like the best cookie ever The hippy feel of Bolinas is inspiring and radiates an influence towards peace. I took this picture on my way home : a farm house in Bolinas, California.

On Martin Luther King Day Genna, Kaz, and I participated in our own community service activity.
We put on rubber gloves and picked up all the trash and recycled every thing we could find in
Old Mill Park in our community Mill Valley, California.

I feel connected in a special way. I was a substitute for two teachers that proudly represented our school; Martin Luther King Middle School in Marin City/Sausalito, California in Washington, DC.

Our students and staff attended an Inaugural Celebration that included breakfast and a presentation by the
color guard of Balboa, HS. of San Francisco and a prayer circle by our Miwok native elders. Our celebration took place in a community center in Marin City. I posted digital photos on our Obama photobucket website. I've never before felt so connected to my President and the direction we must go.

Sincerely Wayne Elkin, Proud American Citizen

Wayne --

When Barack Obama was declared our 44th President, you didn't just revel in that victory -- you started asking what's next for this movement.

How is this unprecedented group of volunteers, grassroots leaders, and dedicated supporters going to help make change a reality?

More than half a million people shared their thoughts and ideas about moving forward, and we listened carefully. Last week, President Obama announced the creation of Organizing for America -- a group that will work alongside the President to support the agenda you fought so hard for.

You can be part of its first steps.

Watch a short video message I recorded with Mitch Stewart, Executive Director of Organizing for America, and learn more about this new organization you helped build.


You've already invested in the future of this country -- whether you voted, donated money, helped organize your local community, or got involved in countless other ways.

But right now, your participation in the political process is more important than ever. We'll soon be asking you to give whatever time or talent you can to support the President. With your help, we can bring change to Washington and the entire nation.

I look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead.

Thank you,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Questions or feedback? Contact Organizing for America at 1-877-922-4264.

I'm pretty jazzed about ipeace a social network with a cause! I'm excited to be one of the first 15 or 16 thousand and signing up in it's first month of existance. I see no reason for it's mebership to soar into millions in a very short time. I can see it's how it could become a powerful agent of change toward a more peaceful and just world. what do ya think?

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Comment by susan chandel on February 3, 2009 at 2:39pm
Hi Wayne, I am excited too about our 44th president. My e mail is flooded with notes from the local peace coalition, iPeace and I had to sign up with the DNC to get clearer information on organizing for America's economic recovery meetings.Parties are great in general but I have tried to stay away from political parties. The DNC blogs are fertile territory for converting middle of the road and even more conservative types to more peaceful ways. Compared to the usual mail I get The DNC is pretty traditional. I am hepped up- just went to a lecture by Louise Dunlap author of Undoing the Silence: 6 tools for social change writing. Have to fly... Love your Blog blog. Susan
Comment by Wayne Elkin on January 22, 2009 at 5:04pm
I thought I was dreaming Obama is giving serious though to abandon Microsoft for the government computer systems for the peoples system Open Source this not only could save millions maybe billions and put us in computer sync with Europe and the developing world. Yeah change is in the air. RanchoBozo.com is built on an Open Source platform and sells apsolutely nothing. Does anyone know any thing more about this?
Comment by Wayne Elkin on January 22, 2009 at 12:50am
I assigned homework to the students I subbed for today to watch at least thirty minutes of new and report
on what President Obama did on his first day on the job. I better get home and watch the news I was felt an energy in the air
and had trouble sleeping. How about you? Do you think the high expectaions will be a help or a hinderance?
Comment by Wayne Elkin on January 22, 2009 at 12:32am
Hey Gordon I have big time and will continue. I think one thing that will be helpful would be for the many members who have websites
to create links to ipeace. Wouldn't that increase it's presence on the search engines. Is that true? Would it help? There are many like minded organizations that could link up. I will spread the word. Wayne
Comment by Gordon J Millar ~ The Global We on January 21, 2009 at 5:32pm
Great to have you here Wayne!

Please, spread the word about this special place,

Salam ~ Shalom ~ Paz ~ Paix ~ Peace

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