Journey In Life Lessons: Letting go

     Letting go is a term often used these days, but what does it really mean? Letting go of what you ask? This term can have different meanings or be explained in different ways depending on who you are talking to. It is simply an act or intention of cleansing and allowing ourselves to just let go of old stuff that many of us have been dragging around for years and that does not do us any real good. (I know this, because i played the victim role and did this to myself for years before i learned to forgive and let go). We can let go of several things, depending on our personal journey, for instance, we must learn to let go of any pain, let go of the anger and hatred, forgive yourself and all others, don’t play the victim, it is only in your mind, just let go of it!!! Choose to let go of any feelings of depression, loneliness and sadness. When we learn to finally let go of these negative emotions, then we can truly feel and be free. Once we learn to forgive the past and all the seemingly negative events and people in it, and forgive ourselves as well, then we begin to see and experience more wonderful and positive manifestations in our life, some immediate and obvious ones are more inner peace, happiness and love.

     When we are in a negative frame of mind or in a state of anger, hurt or hatred, this aspect can seem hard to achieve or understand for some. The ego will try every way it knows how, to confuse us and try to convince us to hold on to events or people from the past that no longer serve us or benefits our higher good. Some struggle to keep negative emotions pent up inside in order to try and suppress the pain that has been experienced, keeping things pent up inside does no good, it only causes physical illnesses, separation and un neccesary suffering. Doing this only creates more frustration, anger and depression, i know this, because i lived this for many years.

     Freeing ourselves from painful or sorrowful events of the past is a must in order to progress in our life experiences in more positive ways. Letting go and forgiving must happen for the elevation of our vibration and our souls. Allow the love to flow freely in your hearts, for when we hold on to negative things it keeps us from experiencing the great joy and well being that we are all ment to have. This will free you and me, to be who in Truth we really are.

     I would also like to mention the importance of letting go of old belief patterns that have been causing the illusion of separatism among us all. Please let go of the prejudices that have been caused from ignorance and mis understandings in our lives. We are all ONE and all come from the same Source, from love. We are all children of the Creator, all equal in the eyes of God, no one is above another, for in truth we are all perfect, whole and complete spiritual entities just visiting here having a physical experience on this planet. I believe that God sees no separation and has no religion. Why do Humans have to complicate things so much? Well, i guess we know that in truth it all boils down to ego, power and control issues...but it doesn’t have to be that way my friends, it doesn’t!!!

     It is a new dawn, a new time in history where many are awakening to these truths, and what a beautiful truth it is! We are ALL important and valuable Beings. Love yourself and your neighbor, regardless of their religion or color, and let that love intention spread across the whole planet!!! Just use your mind and intention and visualize a harmonious planet, one that is healed and whole and where every one and every thing lives in love and balance and peace with one another. You may say i am a dreamer, but i’m not the only one...

     And in closing i would ask you, (i am talking to myself as well here) to sit in stillness for a few minutes every day and visualize your life in wonderful ways, with prosperity and abundance, one with healing and love, one with well being and happiness, one with higher awareness and understanding, and last but not least, one with gratitude for all our blessings. Together we are unified love and higher awareness and can change the vibration on this planet to one that is beyond imagination, beauty and healing for all beings. I love you and wish you all love, light and healing on every level of being...Namaste ~ Selamat Ja...Salaam...Be in joy, peace & unity my friends...Faiza

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