Journey In Life Lessons: The Domino Effect

Journey In Life Lessons: The Domino Effect

     We can see the dominos falling all over the world as each person embraces the awakening and Human evolution process. When one person awakens to the truth then it spreads to another and another slowly touching the hearts of millions ( i am hoping for billions) on this planet, and although sometimes we might not realize it, there is more than meets the eye and we are all more interconnected than we sometimes like to think.

     There is a wonderful process at work on our planet at this time for those of you that are not aware of this yet. And even though we see much turmoil going on here please don’t let the turmoil or negative events happening around the world fool you or put you in a state of fear, for it is actually a necessary cleansing process, a beautiful and blessed new beginning bringing all the old energies up to the surface and burning them off to make way for a new dawn of consciousness on our beautiful Earth and in the hearts of Humankind.

     As more people are awakening there are bound to be riots and people standing up against the tyranny that has enslaved us all for too long now. The good news is spreading (can you hear the dominos clacking?) and it is a wonderful, joyous time my brothers and sisters to be alive on this planet. People are tired of the lies and head games, tired of the abuse and suffering. We are all tired and fed up with the mind control fed to us like spoiled meat by the dark ones who wish to control us and this planet...for there time is almost up and we will all be free from the ignorance and darkness that has over shadowed us for thousands of years.

     The current upheavals are the start of something big, something grand, some might think impossible, but there is a global tidal wave of awareness touching the masses that will sweep away poverty and injustice. This tidal wave is shaking the world awake and will change things for forever and for the betterment of all life here. So the evil fat cronies are advised to start packing their bags and prepare for departure for they are falling as each domino touches another. There is no turning back now, the seeds of hope and love have been planted and are growing strong and beautiful in our garden of love and light.

     People all over the world are rising up, wanting their voices to be heard demanding more individual freedom and fairness in all facets of society as a whole, and although it may look gloomy out there, don’t let the cronies trick you into thinking that all is lost, for it isn’t, they are just making one last ditch effort to cause division, chaos and fear among us. Don’t give in to their evil plots, for it is only an illusion. I don’t know about you but i want to live in a world where every body plays fair.

     A new golden age of prosperity, happiness, love, healing and well being for all is unfolding now. This thought wells up in my soul and i cry tears of joy and gratitude for this new and grand opportunity for us all....stand up and shout!, stand up and celebrate our new beginning! We are learning to stand together in hope and love, as one voice and one heart, can you feel it? (Can you smell what the rock is cookin?) The new and glorious energies are bathing us in renewal as they sweep away suffering and sorrow for all life here.

     The sea of love and hope is rising, rising for us all if we will just take the time to recognize it, embrace it, nurture it and hold it in our hearts and minds like a beautiful new born baby. Welcome the new birth of consciousness and higher awareness brothers and sisters for it is our salvation, our freedom from ignorance and darkness. We must all come together and be strong now, rising up as one, for in truth, WE ARE ALL ONE. Forgive yourselves and each other, stay in a place of love and gratitude & be as one heart and one mind and we WILL over come all negative adversities in this life. I was blind and now i see, someday soon we shall all be and blessings always, i love you....faiza billingsley

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