" Journey of A Single Fertile Heart Seed"

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" Journey of A Single Fertile Heart Seed"

" Journey of A Single Fertile Heart Seed"

"Every single day we are allowed to breathe..
We each have the unique opportunity to give
and share..Something so elegantly simple
yet so valuable..It is truly beyond all things..
Which there are to compare..

For we each have in our possession..Such a
seed so infinite and rare..Which can change
all that it is given to..If we each simply just
choose..To find its inner presence within and
Then allow it to help each of us..To release
our even greater need and capacity to care...

For I shall Gift to thee..Each a valuable seed
of True Friendship..To be carefully planted
so well..In the blessed Spiritual soil of a fertile
Heart..Whose every beat shall resonate like
a new light filled bell..

For if planted well with all due care..It shall
provide all the true necessities..One shall ever
have need of or require..To allow those who
journey within its endless Grace..To never
separate or drift apart..From its true divine
nature..and such a gloriously illustrious Fire..

For if we each choose in deed..To begin to
carry and spread this most amazing seed..
Throughout this journey into the amazing
wonder..It shall resonate and echo through
the heart halls and valleys of all..With its
blessing of Light and Love..With such a
resonate radiant Glow and rumbling Thunder..

Adding so much each day..To this special
remarkable living fabric and tapestry we call
Life..It will surely be a blessing to all..For in
its wake..We certainly shall help lower..One's
stress and anxiety..While simply replacing
any real or perceived need..For further war..
and unnecessary Human conflict and strife..

So I simply implore..that you and I both make
this our Hearts one combined desire..That will
reignite your hearts warm and innermost fire..

As we each commit anew..To Light this Flame
of True Friendship indeed..and share the very
best of your Love of Peace..By spreading this
rarest of gems..In which we all have such a
compelling investment of desire and true need..

Which truly is Our one most blessed Gift..and
for certain by far..Our most divinely wonderful..
deed..Spreading and giving a very needed..Global
starving but also rich world..A very fertile..Human
heart beating Seed..

Excerpted from a Literary Work of
Poetry and Prose entitled "The
African Journals" Vol I "Things I
Would say To You If I Could"
Authored and copyrighted © 2010
by daton o. fullard

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Comment by Daton O Fullard on August 15, 2010 at 1:54pm

My Dear Friend Alice Faye..I am humbled by the Grace of your Presence in Mind Matter and Heart..The Living Water that flows to such Life within your thoughts..Are enough to quench even the mightiest of thirsts..I shall drink from them and Thirst no more..This Piece entitled "The Risk of Love" Is this something of yours..? It is beautifully done..as for Langston Hughes i have only read a few of his wonderful works I shall however seek this piece and further acquaint myself....Luv n hugs from all that is me to all that is inside of you..Dear Friend..
Comment by G.P. on August 14, 2010 at 12:57pm
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For sharing your beautiful, thought-provoking poem!

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