Happy New Year to you all, may 2010 bring you all that you wish for.

Whilst contemplating how I might share New Year with you all I came across a poem I wrote back in 1993. I hope you enjoy it.

My New Years resolution is to give myself time to release my creativity

The Mandlebrot

From nothing energy appeared
From chaos form developed,
Man came from out this chaos
Part of the holistic form,

Man's perception changed by men,
Societies' structure saps self will,
Creativity suffocated by greed and fear
The universe weeps and chaos fires the corn.

Our child within is wrapped
By layers of rotten bark.
The child like innocence needs nurturing,
Creativity can be the key

We need not fear the future,
We are all a part of the continuing creation story.
The book is for ever open and
Each of us forms part of every page.

(c) Kevin Walsh
Blaithwaite, February 1993

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