It's (Safilo) group and was founded in 1952 and announced the top luxury brand Givenchy officially announced the franchising agreement, for Givenchy optical frames and sunglasses series of exclusive design, Foakleys development, manufacture and sales.The agreement lasts from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2021, five years, after both sides in the negotiation on the basis of the contract.
"For a cooperation agreement with Givenchy and they gave the trust, we feel very proud. Givenchy unique and extremely rich contemporary sense of the concept design will provide the high quality glasses into special charm."It's chief executive,Fake Oakley Sunglasses Luisa Delgado said."Givenchy as a brand of full of individual character and occupies an important position, and work together as it lifted the high-end series of the original. It created a chance to improve global sales for us, and for the future development and made a huge development potential of the market,Knockoff Oakleys further promote the brand development route of the world's leading it."
Givenchy's chief executive, Philippe Fortunato gave high evaluation of the cooperation: "glasses business Givenchy is a fast growing business, we are very happy to become a strategic partnership with it. For a long time, it's outstanding achievements in the global glasses industry,Wholesale Fake Oakleys reputation on quality and innovation, the core value will continue to comprehensively promote the development of the brand."He said: "have a unique design, high quality products, excellent technology, unique marketing and establish extensive distribution, this is our common vision with it."

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