Counterfeit ZEISS brand sells counterfeit lenses behavior, not only disturbed the normal market order, and also seriously harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.On the arrival of the annual 3.15 consumer rights day card,Foakleys Zeiss optics (guangzhou) co., LTD., for the sale of counterfeit goods on the market behavior, cooperate with relevant national functional departments launched a nationwide anti-counterfeit actions.The false move designed to deter criminals, Zeiss optical sound head, said: the future Zeiss will impact the normalized action, in order to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, dealers and Zeiss optics.
The Zeiss optics the anti-counterfeit target not only covers nationwide entity shop, Fake Oakley Sunglasses also include network sales channels.To consumers and dealers complained more sales outlets and electronic businesses targeted activism.
Starting in February this year, Zeiss optics joint industry and commerce, quality supervision departments, public security, court to counterfeit the Zeiss lenses products merchant has carried on the comprehensive investigation and blow.According to statistics, Knockoff Oakleysin the year to March 14, the false move merchants were found selling fake Zeiss products more than 20, covering south China, north China, and many other areas.
> at the same time, Zeiss optics also found some businessmen use Hong Kong registered company name of the law are relatively free, by using methods of free-ride, registered in Hong Kong in the so-called "German Carl Zeiss * * company", Wholesale Fake Oakleys and then into the line of the mainland misleading propaganda.According to the above situation, Zeiss optics group Hong Kong lawyer, immediately launched a complaint in accordance with the law and eventually won the Hong Kong government approval, withdrew this misdirect consumer of the name of the company.

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