Jingdong group vice President, jingdong XinLiJun open platform division general manager, said jingdong have authentic concept, jingdong luxury, Foakleys continued the authenticity of jingdong gene category with brands, top agent for wait for means to ensure product quality."This and tracing the cause ladder's cooperation, is the key to the jingdong in-depth luxury vertical segment layout step, believe in tracing the cause of ladder card rich brand resources advantage with jingdong convenient, Fake Oakley Sunglasses high-quality features, high-end sunglasses will increase consumers online shopping experience."
Bells, said jingdong have many consumers for the pursuit of fashion, has a good taste, and tracing the cause of this ladder card's target audience is very fit;At the same time,Knockoff Oakleys jingdong in pre-sale, after sale, distribution and other aspects of the service level and tracing the cause ladder's high-end brand sense also bring out the best in each other.
The relevant person in charge of jingdong said that as the jingdong cooperation with more brands, top agents, jingdong fashion luxury will gain more consumer recognition, jingdong luxury fashion brand overall image will be further promoted, Wholesale Fake Oakleys so as to realize the benign growth of platform.In addition, as we have learned, "6.18" jingdong celebrate their day, the luxury fashion brand Michael Kors sunglasses business line will also be strong in jingdong, for jingdong categories of luxury goods to add fashionable element.

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