NASA (NASA) is developing an intelligent glasses.The glasses can guide how to fix the astronaut capsule door lock, and how to carry out the experiment of the plan.NASA is with a company called San Francisco Osterhout Design Group corporation, which information projection to the lens can be augmented reality glasses.NASA plans to develop a system that will be all kinds of guide uploaded to the glasses, the astronauts hands no spare time to help them get all kinds of information.At present,Replica Oakleys the NASA project team is trying to software integration to glasses.Later this year, NASA will be on the bottom of the laboratory, test simulated space environment on the glasses.In the end, this product will be brought to the NASA space flight project team.
In the two glasses, Fashion Glass lens larger, higher Fashion, glasses legs slightly radian, convenient hooks on the wearer's ear.And Sports Glass movement model is more simple and smooth, Knockoff Oakleys For Sale straight glasses legs design, placed horizontally on the wearer's ear.
Yte two new glasses are bringing wi-fi module, can real time to transmit the image to the smartphone in the matching of the app.They are able to compatible with PC and MAC.They all support 30 FPS 60 minutes into the frame rate of 1080 p video,Fake Oakleys Free Shipping or at 60 FPS frame rate 90 p video recording 90 minutes, the two formats are h. 264.
This product is not yet on sale and is expected to formally meet with you in the third quarter of this year, at a price of 149.88 pounds.

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