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Recently, the company's contact interaction Avegant companies in the United States launched the world's first virtual reality glasses Glyph of retina, Replica Oakleys this product is not use common zoom in screen technology, but use, is retinal projection technology project images directly to the user's eyes.
Point of view, from the appearance of virtual reality glasses retinal Glyph like a headset, no heavy screen, headphones and the whole machine adopts the integration of design will be in harmony are an organic whole, fashionable and beautiful.From a technical point of view,Wholesale Fake Oakleys it breaks through the traditional 3 d product enlarge screen technology, USES the retinal projection technology, by using 2 million micro mirror and independent development of optical technology will be real and vivid images directly onto the retina.
Because of using optical projection, and almost no delay,Fake Oakleys Free Shipping a light move so directly to evade the problem of traditional limited screen refresh rate.According to introducing, Glyph is 120 hz refresh rate, Oculus rift is 72 hz, the current domestic VR equipment high refresh rate no more than 80 hz.
Avegant, chief technology officer AllanEvans said that the essence of the mirror is actually create a matching with the line of sight of the square."When the light into the user's line of sight from a distance, as if is akin to sitting in the cinema in general. Its effect than conventional LCD is more sharp,Knockoff Oakleys For Sale and more clear."
In addition, the virtual reality glasses Glyph of retina with head tracking function, can sense the direction of the rotation of the human brain and the change of position, and the characters in the game completely in sync.Bring more real telepresence for the user.

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