Chinese medicine research center director zhang yong electric dealer told the daily economic news "reporter, compared to a lot of the same kind of vertical medical electrical contractor, seven nu-lax genes is the most important characteristics of the Internet,Foakleys one of the performance on its main product.
"Seven nu-lax actually not very positive in terms of selling medicine, because the electricity consumption group mainly in 25 ~ 35 years old, this part of the crowd demand less."Family planning supplies, contact lenses, "said zhang yong is the focus of the seven nu-lax sales category,Fake Oakley Sunglasses such as the logic behind this is to sell the user wants to buy something."
Data show that the number seven nu-lax management product gauge is 33871 kinds, of which 10648 kinds of Chinese and western medicine, 18710 kinds of class of medical equipment, food, health care category of 1201, but its sales outstanding category are very concentrated.
In the top 10 sales, family planning supplies, contact lenses accounted for about half the share.One of the top three is Du Lei la a full set of (dynamic) Qingdao London 12, Knockoff Oakleys hydron feel contact lenses multi-function nursing liquid comfortable model 120 ml water * 4 bottles and nine Ann electronic sphygmomanometer (intelligence arm type) tianjin nine KD5910 Ann.
At present,Wholesale Fake Oakleys almost all of the medical electrical manufacturers are still in the "burn" stage.According to zhang, in March this year, Shi Zhenyang have suggested that seven nu-lax goal is the pursuit of profit in 2015, don't loss.

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