Eye hospital for surgery doctor the qualifications of new horizon, medical ethics, surgical skills have strict requirements.Hospital chief myopia expert professor jin ling, nearly 30 years experience in surgery, surgery cases 30000 cases,Foakleys is the only operating space femtosecond and Shanghai from Germany and Switzerland Da Vinci femtosecond, Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond system myopic surgery expert, also belong to the minority in the country.And high myopia, chief expert Dr School, is the domestic experts experienced in icl lens implantation in a battle, high myopia first,Knockoff Oakleys he recognised by the authority.
Reason four: the myopia operation security system, to ensure the safety of using eye myopia life
A good eye hospital, should have a set of perfect security system, with eyes, myopia of postoperative life security, myopia surgery need regular review, in order to ensure safety, Fake Oakley Sunglasses with the eye eye hospital of division of chongqing new horizon to build the most comfortable myopia operation system: every eye hospital in the new horizon, do myopia corrective surgery, become the hospital lifelong service member, can enjoy life-long free vision review, lifelong physician visits.Eliminate all possible anomalies.
Reason 5: foreign patients, to provide free accommodation
Chongqing in order to facilitate the nonlocal myopia eye hospital, new horizon,
Wholesale Fake Oakleys opening, nonlocal myopia operation through train to Shanghai, the nonlocal myopia as long as the advance booking myopia operation, in advance to school time, the hospital will provide you with accommodation, medical staff after the entire route guidance to court, to courtyard DaoYi escort.
The advanced technology of treatment of myopia 】 【 advanced full femtosecond technology around the world

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