knowing now the greatest problem what will happen next with this Action on Gaza

If Israelis I.D.F. succeeds in cleaning up Gaza will some of the Muslim Countries like Iran ,Afghanistan. make a bigger conflict on Israel? will this become no peace but starting to be a 3rd world war with Muslims fighting to regain there.
I am asking to see hope4 peace for that, what had happen in the last 67 war will it make a difference by given the land back would end the war and stop Israel givng more land to other Jewish settlers and having Palestine there rightful claim to have there land back..

will there be peace then.

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Comment by biba zimmermann on February 11, 2009 at 11:04pm
hi david!in general,i like your comment.but,i like to tell you that one of my friends,jew,living in switzerland,got ten children,conciusly.he is well educated,his wife is teacher,and kids were not hungry.we have problem in western europe,too many old,to less young people,so we are not shure,who will work for our pension!we have a joke hier:if somebody have many children,we are asking,if tv is broken?so,there could be hope,if there is electricity and normal live in gaza,people will not have time ...
Comment by David Michaeli on January 11, 2009 at 10:04pm
Hi there,

My name is David, citizen of Israel and the whole world. I'm a big believer in peace as an idea. But...

We are all dreamers here. We are like the kid who wants to be a doctor, or maybe a pilot. The idea and the dream are far away from the reality. For being a doctor we need to study and study for years. Becoming pilot? well we need to be brave I suppose :).

as to our problems:
We have three choices : 1) close our eyes. 2) make the change. 3) fight forever.
To understand what is the best solution, we need first to identify the problem.
1) Israeli occupation? yes this is one problem though Israel is not occupying Gaza. Israel got out few years ago and opened all entrances. There is an occupation in the west bank and the settler problem.
2) Terrorism: yes, this is a problem but there is something that comes prior to it. What makes terrorist groups rise?
3) The humanitarian situation where thousands of children grow without education. This is the main problem.

How we solve it?
Did u know that Gaza's population doubles every decade? if we would even think about what would happen in fully educated european countries with this grow rate we would understand that no economy would hold this kind of grow. Lets take France. Close to 60 millions today? close to 120 millions in Ten years? doubling the number of schools for these new kids? or maybe doubling the number of unoccupied population? doubling anarchy and crime? doubling strange ideas? What would happen?
All educated countries discovered already that miracles happen to the clever ones. God helps us... but only if we are clever enough to help ourselves. One thing is for sure. Nature doesn't like FAST changes. everything that happens FAST ends with a big break.
Ir order to MAKE PEACE we first need to EDUCATE FOR PEACE. NO! that doesn't mean changing peoples thoughts and make them forget. no.
What I mean is doing our best to understand and talk. To let them understand also there is other choice. young family that makes 15 kids only because its forbidden by the ISLAM to wear a condom? isn't it a crime. to let these kids grow without proper education. Thats a big problem.

I have a lot to say, But unfortunatelly very little time.
I'll finish by saying that, Every nation needs to get to some point where it gets experience and responsibility. This is not coming in one day neither in one year. Some of us will suffer of this for years. some will watch it on CNN. but, the good choices will be done and problems will be solved. That just how it is.

This region had been hot and bloody for hundreds of years (even before israel) but I'm sure that with the understanding of each other (by the way, this part is already starting - Israel is getting good relationships with various arab countries) this region will be (I hope) prosperous and peaceful.


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